Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Mommy-Files

If any of you have any of the answers to these questions, please let me know.

1. Why are there 9 toothbrushes in our bathroom when there are only 6 people in our house?

2. Why is it so much more difficult to put the new toilet paper roll ON the toilet paper holder instead of just propping it up on the old empty roll?

3. Why would you just go and get another trash bag and put it beside the trash can, instead of emptying the trash can in the first place?

4. Why do you open the fridge 137 times a day in the hopes that your favorite snack foods are going to magically appear in there?

5. Why a certain young lady in my house can NOT keep her dresser drawers closed? Do they pop right back out~~because she is saying she is closing them? Are they possessed? Do I have "special drawers" in my house?

I'm just a curious mom who wants to know.


  1. LOL...Mommyhood creates so many burning questions...most that will never be answered. Good luck with that!

  2. To the toothbrush question, it's like leaving an empty chair at bible study- your open to more guests!

  3. Oh Schyler has magic drawers too. Maybe it's genetic.

  4. I have no clue why, but #2 happens in this house all the time as well.

  5. Wellllll, as for the toilet paper roll I remember doing this as a kid. I remember thinking that it just "took tooooooooooooooooooo long." Please read that WITH a whiny voice. I mean, that extra step would cause me to be THAT MUCH later to a bike ride... Or something equally exciting. I mean, at the age of ten you REALLY don't have time for stuff like that. ;)

  6. 1. It's better to have an overage than a shortage when it comes to toothbrushes.
    2. Mine will replace it, but put it on backwards. It makes me nuts.
    3. I don't do that, but my husband says he wishes he had pictures of some of the trash sculptures I've made in the garbage can. I'll do anything to not have to take out the trash.
    4. I'm the only grocery shopper in this house, yet I totally do that, too. :)
    5. Possessed drawers? Tee hee. I won't go there. ;)

  7. In our house, we have purposefully put our roll of toilet paper on the counter b/c some little guy kept unrolling it all over the floor!
    Hope you're able to cast out the "dresser demon" ;)

  8. I need to know this too. Just this morning, I found 3 toothbrushes in MY bathroom. And NO ONE claimed them. Hmmmm

  9. If you learn the answers to these, please let me know! ;) Thanks for the visit!!