Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yard Sale News

Now, how is that for a witty title?

This Saturday, March 27, from 8 to 3 our church, Oak Mountain Presbyterian, PCA, is having a yard sale. All proceeds go towards our church's Orphan Fund. Last year the sale was HUGE. As in they raised $9000 in one day. From a yard sale.

If you are ready to stock up on spring and summer clothes for your kiddos this would be the place to be. If you need some new (old) furniture to re-do, come on! Last year there were children's toys and baby items galore. I can't guarantee what items will be there as it is a yard sale, but if last year is any indication of this year you will be able to get some awesome bargains. The church is at the corner of HWY 119 and HWY 14 in Pelham. You can go to our website here to get more specific directions. I"ll be there working. I'll be the one in the denim baseball cap trying to keep the sun off of me. I have freckles year round, but in the summer I just turn into one big freckle.

Thought I would give you our adoption update. We are still with our current agency, but I have been calling other agencies to sign up with them also. We'll see what's in store. I waiver back and forth between trusting in God's timing and being totally frustrated. I don't know if I mentioned, but we changed our forms so that we might receive a girl or a boy. If I were pregnant we would be happy to take what God gives us and it is the same with our adoption. One problem though, I have been thinking of girl's names for 17 months. Help me with some boy's names!!!!!

Well, the repairman did not come yesterday and even though we are first on his list today(I will believe it when I see it), it looks like I will be heading over to my niece's, Mrs. Jennifer's, to do some laundry. Off to school my kiddos!

***If you get a chance go here and leave me a comment on your mom-dream. There might just be a little something-something for a random commenter later this week.


  1. We are terrible with boy names, we had Aubrey's name picked at the beginning of my pregnancy with Luke, and we didn't decide on Luke's name until a week before he was born!
    Hope the yard sale raises lots of money!

  2. I bequeath to you my favorite boy name of all time, Micah. You may use it as you please. Sadly for me, my husband vetoed it. I love it so. But I dared not complain and veto his veto, because then the name I vetoed would have been back on the table: TRAVIS.


  3. Rachel-it will not be Travis. I can assure you that.

  4. I like the name Garrett....also Daniel.

  5. I am partial to
    Napoleon , or

  6. I cannot even imagine 9000 dollars in one day...from a yard sale! That is impressive:)

    What did you have picked out for the girl name??

  7. Good luck with the yard sale. We had one last weekend I made 46.00 in 2 days. Paid for me a pedicure. Our neighbor (who we had the yard sale with) made over 2000.00. Yes you read that right 2000.00.

  8. Hope to swing by....a great cause, it'll give me somthing to post in my thrifty thursday and Id love to see you!