Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Have A Dream...

I have a dream that one day I will say to the kiddos, "Fifteen minutes till we leave for the library!" and everyone will be ready in 15 minutes with matching shoes on.

I have a dream that one day at least 3 out of the 4 children will be able to find matching shoes at any given time. I'm only asking for 3 out of 4, is that too much to ask?

I have a dream that when I say at supper, "Go gather up all the shoes outside around the trampoline." that the child will actually gather ALL the shoes and not just leave one outside to become wet, soggy, and muddy.

I have a dream that the washing machine repairman will actually come and repair the washing machine so that I can wash the lone wet, soggy, muddy shoe. And oh my~the laundry~it is a piling up.

And just for fun~this is the conversation I got to listen to on the way home from the library today. Two of the big kids were arguing over whether men or women were better drivers. Abbie insisted that women were because Marsha beat out Greg when they had a driving test on an episode of The Brady Bunch. If it is on The Brady Bunch it must be true.

Do you have any Mom-Dreams today?


  1. Well, since I JUST finished cleaning the toilets (and am rewarding myself with a bloggy break) I have a dream that the lone boy child in my house will someday "make it" INTO the toilet instead of all over the back of the toilet. It's the simple things...

    Oh and the shoes. I dream the same dream you do! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oh I dream your same dream, and that when I ask for clothes to be put away they make it into the correct drawers. And that socks will always find their match...lol!!

  3. No mom dreams - but I do dream that one day I will cook something and not accidentally leave something out of the recipe.

  4. My dream (you did say dream) would be that I could say we are leaving in 15 minutes go get your shoes on and the children would really have their shoes on and they wouldn't be wearing their mud boots or some strange assortment of shoes! I could dream that these same children would not blankly look at me as if I had said nothing fifteen minutes earlier! And to top it off, they would have clothes on that matched, were clean and had no holes in them! Oh and their shirts were not on backwards! Thanks for an encouraging post!

  5. That's awesome!

    I have a dream that I will only have to wash toddler sheets when sheets need washing in the normal order of things...not when they've been urinated, pooped, or nose-bled onto.

  6. Please! i can't even get all that stuff done and I only have one kid!

  7. I do remember when the kiddos were small...Hubbie and I dreamed of the time when all three were in complete agreement - on anything! We could always please one...generally please two...but all three - at the same time - it was impossible (at least for us!) And my hats off to all moms with more than three - is it even possible?

  8. Lovin' your blog, been there done that! I'm a Nana now and love it even more than the Mom role and that was a pretty good job for a long time! Come over to grannymountain for a visit when you have the time...

  9. I love that your kids watch Brady Bunch, my sisters & I used to love to watch that show!
    I have a dream that one day my 2 year old will wake up happy from his nap and will stop following me around whining for an hour after waking up.

  10. LOL...well, the Brady Bunch IS pretty credible...

  11. I felt that i had arrived as a parent when the kids were old enough to turn on the tv on saturday morning without me having to get up.

  12. I have many of the same dreams.
    I dream that my boys will actually hit the toilet.
    I dream my daughter will figure out how to poop in the potty and not the diaper.
    I dream of being able to take a shower without having a kid knock on my door.
    So many dreams......

  13. I dream that my darling children will ALL spontaneously get dressed, clear breakfast dishes and be ready for schoolwork by 9:30 AM.

    I dream that all my children will learn how to put away their own laundry and not leave them in a pile on the floor/bed/dresser for days on end.

    I have a dream that when I go to my son's room that it won't look like a Lego store after a tornado blew through it.

    I have a dream that all my children will stay dry all night every night for a month. Well, since I'm dreaming, why not from now on?

    I have a dream that my children will see that dishes need to be washed/put away or kitchen trash needs to be emptied and automatically volunteer.

    I have a dream that my children will learn to put VHS tapes back in their sleeves and back in their storage containers and DVDs back in their cases and back in their storage cases.

    I have a dream that my children will finish their math books this year. The ones they started over a year ago!

    Oh, yes, and that sock pile of all those mysterious lonely socks, can't forget that I dream that 90% of them will all find their mates, which are probably under my kids' beds, under the seats in the car, and in various parts unknown.

    While I'm dreaming, why can't chocolate be a diet food with negative calories?

    I'm sure I have more, but I think I'd better stop now . . . ;)

  14. My mom dream is that Ava will stop pulling Chloe's hair, and that Chloe will stop letting her little sister push her around!! Drives me absolutely batty to have Chloe coming to me every 5 minutes wimpering because Ava pulled her hair, or Ava looked at her funny. I told her if she's not bleeding, she needs to work it out with Ava instead of coming to me whining!

  15. My mom dream is that my child says mommy only 1000 times in a given day. My other mommy dream is that my 35 year old baby learns to aim at the potty so he can help train my 2 year old child.

  16. This is so funny! I have a dream that my kid will start napping again someday soon. I'm probably delusional on that one though!