Thursday, April 8, 2010

Much Better

Whew, the SATS are over. I personally don't put much stock in SATS; so added to the fact that we had to leave home for 5 hours for three days straight, it all just seemed like such a waste of time to me. But, yesterday I got to have a good talk with a new friend, and got to see my BFF Rebekah for three days in a row so it about evens out! :)

I decided to stay home today from Bible Study. The older kids were just worn out from the tests, and little James was crying by the third day to stay home. We just need the time to be home.The house is already shaping up somewhat (still have aways to go, but at least I am on the way)and we are waiting for company to arrive. I'm thinking a nap may be order for the MamaHen also.

Thank you for all your sweet encouraging comments. I say this all the time, but I truly wish you were all my neighbors. We could have our own little blogging friend commune. This weekend, through a series of fortunate events, is shaping up to be a restful one. So, maybe I will be over my running-around anxiety soon.

Ya'll are the best.


  1. I'm all for the blogging commune :) enjoy your nap, and your weekend!

  2. Standardized tests really don't fit with homeschoolling... Our state has a requirement of annual testing or an annual assessment; fortunately now I can fill out the assessment form, send it off to a testing company, they give it to a currently certified teacher, it's signed off, and sent back and into the file. I once had an evaluator/tester tell me, that all standardized testing does is show whether or not a student is good at test taking- there is no value in it just like you say! It is a waste of good teaching time, all to fulfill laws, so silly!!! Have a good nap, you deserve it!

  3. Hope you got yourself a good nap. Sounds like you need a break. Hope you have a very restful weekend.

  4. You know I'm right there with ya on standardized (whose standards btw?) tests. But the fellowship time took the edge off! LOL! (That and a little mt. dew. . .)

  5. Missed you today at CBS Wendy! I admire the fact that you put your kiddo's first though and just stay home when ya'll need to! You're such a great mama! I've loved having you in my core group this year. Such wisdom you have!

  6. I would love to live in a community with my blog friends! Wouldn't it be lovely to combine our talents and our kids and our gardens! My, it would be fun. But would we really get anything done? ;)

    I hope you get naps and rest.


    PS -- Oh, I don't want to think about the SATS. My oldest two did not take them, but my youngest two will. (It's like I have two sets of children.)

  7. We're doing testing for the first time this spring. My 14 year old has had her ACT Explore test, and my younger ones will test with an older version of the SATs at home. I'll just run the tests up to let our church school administrator grade them. :)

    I figured that way we could spread out the testing and only take one per day, take a break if someone were having an "off" day--or even just set it aside and forget about it if need be!

    I totally understand about the running around. We ran out to Columbiana last night and were there nearly 4 hours for 4-H county contests. It was just too much for the two littlest ones! Yet those are only held twice a year.

    We are doing some reevaluating of our outside activities and considering only participating in the ones most beneficial to our children (and closest to home!) next year.

    Hope you get that nap! :)

  8. Glad things settled down a bit! Hope you're having a restful weekend & are able to enjoy the beautiful weather!

  9. I'm so glad you survived the craziness!!