Thursday, April 1, 2010


Abbie and I had a rare afternoon to just go do some girl stuff. My awesome incredible unbelievable mom came and kept the three boys after we finished school so Abbie and I could go shop for Easter shoes. I had also had some other errands to run so we had a good time just talking and being together. But, the blogger in me could not help but observe some things at the Galleria Mall in Hoover today. (Please know I am not normally a mall shopper, we are Target and thrift store people, with an occasional WalMart thrown in if I absolutely had no other option-our Walmart is just so busy all the time, but Aunt Jill had gotten Abbie a dress from the mall and it did not fit so we were returning it.) Wow, I think that is the longest run-on sentence I have done on this blog. Do I get a prize? Anyway, not being a mall shopper I got to see a few things I don't normally see. It was country gone to town.

Here are some observations.

1. If you are a man that needs to get his eyebrows waxed a kiosk in the Galleria is not the place to do it. If you are a man (especially), that is something that needs to be done in the privacy of your own bathroom. Either learn to do it yourself or get your wife who loves you very very very much to do it for you. Ya'll, there was a man in a kiosk called DaBrows getting his eyebrows waxed.

2. If you are the restroom stall and suddenly hear a man talking LOUDLY on his cell phone in the stall next to you do not panic. Just exit the stall, begin to wash your hands, and when you make eye contact with the older lady next to you go ahead and burst out laughing really loud. I did. Of course I really shouldn't have laughed.

3. I knew that women are getting lots of tatoos. But today I saw some things that opened my eyes. Evidently instead of getting tans, young people are getting tatoos to cover their entire bodies.

4. I must be getting old because everytime I saw a young person my first thought was "Why aren't they in school?" Everyone looks soooo young to me.

5. I really like my sorta-rural home, my people, and pulling into my driveway.

It's a jungle out there.

Toe Update: James' toe is not fractured! Yeah!


  1. You are slaying me with the eyebrow thing. I could not agree more! That is a privacy type thing for sure! In your bathroom or in a salon at the worst! LOL!

    The Galleria is the BEST place to people watch.

    Yay for healthy toes!

  2. DaBrows - priceless! I'm glad you and Abbie had fun and our boys are all better! It's amazing that you grew up a "city" girl!

  3. Papa Rooster is way to John Wayne to wax his brows.

  4. We were at the Galleria Thursday too!
    I have seen the eyebrow waxing kiosk before and am always shocked by who is sitting in the chair getting their eyebrows waxed!
    I agree, it is a jungle out there!

  5. Well, we were at the same mall Tuesday! How 'bout that. . .we got free legos!

  6. You gave me my medicine for today! I am so thankful I homeschool my girls and we live on a farm!!! Smile! I think it is worse then scary out there. We sure need to be sharing about Jesus more!

    Blessings, Linda

  7. It's a jungle, all right. Of bushy eyebrows that don't mind getting waxed where everyone can see it.

    I saw a girl there getting her mustache waxed. I totally understand hairiness, but if you're embarrassed enough to get it taken care of, then why would you get it taken care of while everyone watches? Yeesh.