Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning

This is what I pulled from my junk drawer last week. I was looking for my phone cord charger and this is what I got. It is a jumbled mess of no-home cords that have taken up more than half of my junk drawer for a verrrry long time. I got frustrated and pulled the whole mass out in one cord-fatal swoop.

But now, what do I do with it? I figure I have three options:

1~Throw the whole thing away. That was my gut instinct. BUT, I know as soon as I throw those cords away Mark will need one of them to charge something.

2~Take the time to pull all the cords apart and test them on all our electronic devices and only keep the ones needed. I would then put each needed cord into a ziploc bag carefully labeled and find a way to store them upright in a carefully labeled box that says MISC CORDS. It would be stored among all my other carefully labeled boxes in my extra storeroom built and designed just for MISC purposes. Oh, and did I tell you Martha Stewart was coming over for tea today?

3~Take the mass and put it in a plastic grocery bag. Then put the plastic grocery bag in a closet so it can be pushed to the very back and left for my daughters and daughters-in-law to find when they clean out the house after I die. I can just hear them now.

Daughter #1~"Now why would Momma put a bundled mess of cords in a grocery bag and then put it in the closet? Why wouldn't she just throw all this away?"

Daughter #2~"Knowing her she probably thought she would get to it one day. She was always full of great organizationally plans. She really should have written a book about all the organizationally plans she had. Too bad she didn't and then she could have paid someone to follow up on them."

(Daughters-in-laws looking on and shaking their heads.)

So, because I have put my bundled cord mess out there, I will be doing option #2, minus the special storeroom and Martha. As soon as I find a cute box. And purchase some ziploc bags. I'll let you know how it goes.

We are off early this morning for Tyler and Matt to take their SATS. We will be home just long enough to take a breather and then off to AHG and Scouts. Whew!


  1. You crack me up girl! My vote it to just stick it back in the drawer and think about it later!

    I have some homeschool ?'s for do you take your kids in for tests...and where? Aaron is finishing up 8th grade...don't I need to do something before we start highschool?

  2. Hmmmmm....... I'll vote for option 2, because I'd love for you to have Martha Stewart over for tea, because then I'm sure we'll get another hilarious post out of it.
    Oh wait, I should choose one that might actually happen. Then, we'll go for option 3.
    I had lost the cord to my laptop, and it mysteriously turned up yesterday with my fondue pots. Why? No one knows.

  3. Remember, option one is really not an option.
    i see my IPod charger in there

  4. Definitely #2. And if you do #3, just put a reference to this blog post on the outside of the bag.

  5. Very funny! I only wish we had a junk drawer to toss all those cords into. Instead some (computer-related ones) wind up in a desk drawer in the office. Some (cell phone chargers) wind up being tossed on the dresser in the bedroom, while others get trampled on in the cars (auto cell phone chargers) or are probably lost in the garage somewhere.

  6. LOL! Good luck with option 2. I would NEVER.... :)

  7. I was going to emphatically chant option #. . . . . .(take a wild guess)until I read papa rooster's comment. Oh, well. ;-)

  8. lol....always enjoy your adventures ;-)

  9. Hah, hah...I did the same thing before our move to Bessie...did they remain in their individual ziploc bags in the top drawer of my dresser?

    Unfortunately the answer is "nope."

  10. I would WANT to do option 2 {i started to put # in there and it sounded weird lol} but would more than likely do option 3.

  11. lol @ Pappa Roster and Jill

  12. Truthfully, I think that I would have gone with number one!! You must have an extra measure of patience that you just don't know what to do with:)

    I received my most awesome package...I thank you and my toes so thank you!! Finally we have weather appropriate to bare our toes and mine are pitiful....can't wait for a pedicure:) Such a nice surprise in the mail!!

    Have a wonderful week!!

  13. LOL!! Have fun with that mess...heehee But I'm right there with ya, and I just overlook mine. Atleast until the move anyway. ha

    Blessings to you and yours!

  14. Hope the SATs went well and that you get your cord mess all untangled! :)

  15. So funny! I'd probably move it to a different spot, promising myself I'd get to it, and then get frustrated with it and put it back in the drawer a few weeks later.