Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heard Around Here Lately...

~~James has a little toy gun and holster. They have been lost for awhile and when we pulled out the couch (to look for the remote control, which we still haven't found), he found the holster. He held it up and said, "Look mom, I found my gun wallet!"

~~We had to run down to the grocery store earlier today and as it was school hours I gave my kiddos the school time lecture~~"When we go out we are representing Christ, representing our family, and representing homeschoolers everywhere." I told them "Let's try not to draw any attention to ourselves." Matt replied, "But I always try to draw attention to myself!" Yes honey, I know.

~~James was acting very sleepy earlier this week and I asked him if he wanted to go take a nap. I knew the answer would be no, but I asked anyway. He laid his head on my shoulder and said, "No, I will just take a little rest on the soda. (sofa)"

Have your kiddos said anything funny or cute lately? I love to read funny kid quotes.


  1. Well I taught Schyler a song that I learned as a kid to go with a verse from Psalm 18, and she says - "The LORD liveth and blessed be the Rock and may the God of my salvation be exhausted" instead of exalted. :)

  2. Love the quotes. Good for you in writing them down.

    My Caleb (who's four) learned the Pledge of Allegiance this year. He was all set to recite it at a homeschool family night, and as he was practicing I realized he said -- "...indivisible, with liver, and justice for all."

    We quickly switched liver for liberty. :)


  3. Mine haven't said anything innocent lately- they are getting to big I guess! My grandma had a really old toy gun, all the great grand-kiddos would leave it in a little handle at the base of her console TV- she'd just leave it there for them to find!!! Good memories!

  4. Oh, so many things! Often I don't bother to put them into a blog post but simply Facebook them.

    2 nights ago some of the children were eating ice cream while 2 unnamed ones were staring at their leftover dinners. Our 9 yr. old daughter was enjoying holding her ice cream cone and letting it melt while giggling at her siblings. Finally her 4 yr. old sister turned to her and said, "I'll hold your ice cream for you." In an innocent voice. ;)

  5. I love it. Tonight Batman said after my telling him God could hear everything, "God must hear really good then, like me." I kept a straight face as I said yes.

  6. How cute, don't they come up with the funniest things. We got back from vacation and I asked Eli if he was happy to be home. He pointed at his eyes and said 'can't you see, my eyes are smiling!'

  7. i need to take a rest on the soda more often! : )

  8. Yesterday I went to get chloe from her "rest" and she was playing with some toy kitchen stuff and said that she had a "moley collection" I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. Then she clarified..."you know when you pull stuff out of the fridge and it's moley? this is my collection of moley stuff!" (guess i need to clean the fridge more often). After that we were reading "anne of green gables" outloud and Chloe keeps asking me if anne loves wilbert (gilbert) yet...she totally gets that underlying story line and is dying for a happy ending!

  9. Adorable! Hope James had a nice rest on the "soda"!

    My husband was sick a few weeks ago & drinking a lot of gatorade and Luke kept refering to it as "gatorator".