Monday, May 17, 2010

MamaHen Is Really A MamaHen Now...

Saturday morning was an exciting day here at our house. We got our new baby chicks! Since the Great Chicken Massacre of 2009 we haven't had any chickens (except for Pearl) and we were sitting on ready. But let me tell you, these chickens have been more trouble in three days than the others were in three years. So not exaggerating. But first, meet the girls. And I'm sure there is a boy in there also. We will have to wait till they grow up a little to know for sure.

(Please excuse my lack of makeup and the dark circles under my eyes. Being a new mama is exhausting.)

Meet my chickens Patricia Anne and Mary Alice (the characters from my favorite set of books). Mama and Jill, they are true to their names.

Right now I have two little banty chicks in an rigged-together brooder. I am trying to keep it at the right temperature and make sure they are clean and drinking their water. I was having to pull a Dr. MamaHen this morning with another one because she had a condition called, well, I can't say it out loud. I really did all I knew to do to help her, at one point I even had her in a flannel-wrapped heating pad, but she did not make it. The other 13 are doing great though. They are so cute and fun!


  1. They're cute now... but you just wait. They'll soon be big enough to peck your eye out. Big fear...

  2. That's a lot of chicks to keep an eye on!! My grandma's name was Mary Alice- I'm partial to that name too!

  3. I'm totally a city girl - but how cute that they have names...and that you can tell them apart (and even their genders!!) I'm impressed:)

  4. Awwww!How cute!! Wish I had some.. I miss my chookies! If you get sick of them, send them over here :)

  5. You're so brave! I'm not the type to ever have chickens, but my Mom does, and just got a new batch. In fact, she just graduated into bees.

  6. We have one that is setting right now, so if it works, I'll be sure to bring them right over.

    Did you get you a "frut tree" for mother's day?

  7. Happy Mother's Day Wendy from all your chicks :) better you than me but they sure are cute

  8. Patricia Ann and Mary Alice...aren't they from the Anne George books? Aunt Sister and Mouse? I LOVE those books!!!

    No baby chicks for us this year. But, you're right - they are a lot of work! Good Luck!