Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Matt is happy God made him a boy...

Ya'll, I just have to tell you this story.

This morning I had my brood and we were driving to our school's Research Fair. Tyler had worked really hard on his project and it was going to be displayed with all the other children's and then we were going to eat together.

We stopped at a red light and a car pulled up beside us. It had really loud thumping rap music blaring very very loudly. It felt like our van was vibrating to the beat. Abbie said, "Mom, roll down your window and yell at the man to turn down the music!" I replied that, "Number one, that is dangerous, and number two, ladies don't yell at people from their car windows."

Matt, who was in the front seat with me says, in disgust, "What? A lady can't punch someone in the face, yell at people out the car window, or tell bathroom jokes. What will they come up with next??????!!!!!"

I just burst out laughing. That child cracks me up.
(I know the picture doesn't have anything to do with the story, I just really liked this picture of my Matt.)


  1. See, I was allowed to hit my brother (in defense), but he was NEVER allowed to hit me, because I was a girl.

    I bet Matt would like that rule a WHOLE lot less.

  2. Hilarious!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. And that is why we love our Matt!

  4. And that is why we love our Matt!

  5. Happy Mother's Day to one of the busiest, funniest, best mom's I know! Great story!