Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mom Cool

Today I found out I was not cool. I have had the sneaky suspicion that I was not cool for awhile now, but today it was confirmed.

Aunt Molly (Mark's sister) gave the kiddos a Wii for Christmas. You may remember that I was on a Wii bowling kick for awhile, but true to form I got over it pretty quickly. Well, the last time Aunt Molly came she bought the kids Super Mario Brothers. Now, that was something I could do! My sister Jill and her best friend Kerrie, were the Super Mario Champions. I was never as good as them, but I could at least attempt to play the game. So when the kids started playing I was going to show them how it was done. I was going to teach them a lesson or two in Mario Gaming. Well, so far, these are the lessons I have learned.

Lesson #1-Evidently my reflexes are not as quick as when I was 15 because I keep dying on the game.

Lesson #2-Evidently my eyesight is not as good as when I was 15 because I can't see all the characters and I keep dying on the game.

Lesson#3-The game is lots harder than I remember because I keep dying on the game.

This afternoon I was playing (yes, everyone, I know I should have been tending to my home, but I got majorly lost this afternoon and a one hour trip turned into almost three and I got home and was tired and just wanted to chill out. ) So I did~by playing Super Mario.

Abbie was watching and trying to offer hints. She became greatly disturbed when I called Mario the Little Man. When I would get a new life I would say, "I got a new Little Man!" This was bothering her to no end because she wanted me to call them "lives." I asked her what the difference was and she said that when I call them Little Men it is very uncool. She then proceeded to tell me that if Aunt Molly comes and hears me call them Little Men she will laugh at me and then she will know I am not cool. So Aunt Molly, be prepared to laugh.

I would have thought it would be things like getting lost for 2 hours, or dancing around the house singing crazy songs, or falling face first in the church parking lot that would have made me seem uncool. But no, it was my Little Men.

Bless her bones, she has no idea what is coming.....


  1. That was a super funny post!!! I am chuckling thinking of you calling Mario a "little man!" Hee hee hee.

    Love reading posts like these. :)

  2. OK, how did I miss that you got lost today?

    You need a GPS! :0)

  3. I'm so glad my kids are still little enough to not realize that I am not cool.

  4. Heh, "I keep dying on the game" - my dad said that's the reason we got so many new video games when I was little: after a week, he could no longer beat us at whatever the last game was, so he'd get us a new one so he could win for a week.

    Now I'm older, have my own kids, and the cycle repeats...

  5. That post made me laugh out loud - very, very funny. If it makes you feel any better, I have NEVER played a Mario game in my life, so "little man" sounds perfectly fine to me.

  6. Abbie has no idea what she's in for. She hasn't even seen "uncool" yet. Just wait till she starts dating and her Aunt Jill rents a car and follows her...

  7. Don't sweat it babe, i am cool enough for the two of us

  8. LOL! Poor you...we have that game too, and we were quite obsessed with it for a while. Now you're making me want to go play some little men.

  9. I think you're the coolest mom around, no matter what you call Mario - and here's a hint - keep going back to world 1-1. It's easy to beat, and you can earn 3 little men by beating it if you're careful. Call me and I'll walk you through it.
    Cool. WAYYYY cool.