Thursday, May 20, 2010


****ATTENTION: Any males that are related to me in any way can just skip this post. Although if you are a male that knows me in real life what I am about to say will come as no surprise to you at all.****

When Mark and I started dating way back in 1992 it took him about six months to realize a particular pattern in my behavior. For about 25 days I would be the sweetest most wonderful girlfriend and then surprisingly for about three days I would not be, well, not so nice. As in I would break up with him and tell him "we should just be friends, and that I wished him the best in life, and that I hoped all his dreams came true. But that I just wasn't ready for a big commitment and even though just two weeks ago I was telling him I would go anywhere in the world with him, I really didn't mean it and he was better off without me."

He would walk away extremely confused and it was even more confusing when I would call him two days later crying and apologizing and saying I really didn't mean it and could we meet somewhere and talk it out. By the way, if you haven't caught on by now Mark is a very very patient man. I think about six months in he learned that I might be a little high maintenance in the hormone department. He has told me since then that he caught on as to what was going on and he was just waiting for the "I'm so sorry phone call." He also learned that even though I was the one that broke up with him once a month he needed to bring me "Sweet Pills" (aka Skittles) at our get together and talk reunion. Again, I might have been slightly high maintenance.

All this to say, even though I can manage things a bit better now, I still have times when at a certain time of the month. It starts out that the first day it is the house that gets on my very last nerve. The second day it is the children's noise, and the third day it is just pretty much everything that gets on my very last nerve. If Mark had a penny for everytime I have called him saying that this and that was getting on my VERY.LAST.NERVE we could have adopted five children by now. But last night I heard someone say something new. So now Mark can hear a new phrase approximately 20 times in a row for three days.

"You are getting on my RESERVE nerve!"

I like to switch things up a bit around here.


  1. haha this made me lol for sure :)

  2. Love the new phrase!
    "Sweet Pills"...what a great idea, I might need to request those!

  3. Mark isn't stupid. He knows a good woman when he sees one.

  4. Now I want some Skittles! Thanks for that.

  5. Hmmm... I need to mention this to Hubs - sweet pills! I think my sweet pills should be M&M's!

  6. I need a reserve nerve. And sweet pills, but mine would be M&Ms.

  7. Hee hee, you are funny! Good thing God knew exactly the right man for you :)
    Glad the parcel made it there safe and sound :)