Monday, May 24, 2010


Whew! This weekend just flew by. Saturday I had a teacher's meeting and then it was off to the church to decorate for Abbie's Award Ceremony. Our Heritage Girl troop is growing and we had a really nice time Saturday night. Abbie moved up to another level Saturday night so she received her new AHG vest. Call me partial, but I think she was the cutest one up on that stage.

I thought my boys were pretty handsome also.

James rolled around on the chairs quite a bit during the ceremony. But it kept him occupied and somewhat quiet.

Every once in a while he would crawl up in my lap for some snuggles too.

So we are through with Heritage Girls for the summer. I think James needs a break. He has to come to all the meetings with us and bless his heart, I think he believes he is a Heritage Girl with Abbie.

Chick Update: Another one died Friday night. And Saturday morning one in the CICU had developed a prolasped oviduct. Ladies, just be glad you are not a chicken. I am doing my best with her and I think she might make it. Friday we went out to check on them and found that something (snake, large rat, possum, racoon)? had eaten 7 of them. Somehow in a three hour period something ate that many. And they were shut up in a pen in a workshop! We have a trap set but still haven't caught anything. I told Mark the next time we get baby chicks they are going to have a real MamaHen to take care of them!

And this pic is for Mark. He didn't believe I would really post it. He doesn't realize I am here to make all of you feel better about yourselves.

Me asking Mark if I have anything in my teeth and that stinker took a picture of it! MamaHen keepin it real.


  1. I'm glad I'm not a chicken at your house. Hey...aren't you supposed to be watching my kid right now? Oh...and aren't I supposed to be tending to things around the house...mmmm, gotta go!

  2. Did you have a chick memorial?? Poor things -

    Cute pictures of the kiddos:)

  3. Sorry about your chicks, chick.

  4. So sorry about the chicks! That is so sad!

    And the last picture is priceless. :)

  5. Poor chicks! They sound much more high maintenance than newborns!

    That last picture is too funny, thanks for the laugh :)

  6. Stinker! Shame taking that picture.
    Sorry about the chicks.
    Enjoy your time off this summer, ha! a Mom and time off? what's that?

  7. Some great photos of the ceremony, Mama Hen! I'm so sorry I had to miss it! We still haven't downloaded ours here, so I have only seen yours so far. We're still dealing with fevers here. I'm tired.

  8. Awww, Abbie sure did look like a cutie! And you look cute even when you're picking your teeth!