Friday, June 11, 2010

My Baby Girl is Nine

Today my Sweet Abbie turned nine. My only girl. My life-line to all things girl in a sea of boys around here. Oh how I love her. The first time I saw her it was so different than seeing the boys. She was dark and long and skinny. She had these little bow-legs and all her newborn clothes were loose on her because she was so thin.
She quickly fattened up though and those skinny little legs because super-fat and jiggly and wonderfully delicious to tickle and kiss. She was a chunk and a half. I loved to dress her up in all her girl clothes and put her hair in a little "spout" on top of her head. I wish I had some digital pics of her when she was little cause it was too much adorableness. You would pass out from all the sweetness and sugar. You think I'm joking don't you? :)

I'm so glad she is mine and as we say around here, "I wouldn't trade her for any girl in the world!"


  1. Oh how I love this girl too!

  2. Awesome, Happy Birthday cute girl! My Holdyn will be nine on July 4th. I tell him he's my favorite son (and he is). =)

  3. Happy Birthday! We love you!

  4. Happy Birthday! We think she is kinda special too.