Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This and That

Whew. Well, that's about it. Whew.

The past few days have been full of busy and fun and pain and hard work and laughter. Due to my children we have lots of laughter around here no matter what is going on. And that's a very good thing.

~We spent Father's Day at my aunt and uncle's house. They have a pool and my kids were in near-heaven. Thanks Aunt Renee! (and Uncle Marty too.)

~James learned a bad word, but he didn't know it was a bad word and was using it indiscriminately around the house. He also could not pronounce it correctly so it took me awhile to catch on. After the shock and awe wore off of hearing my three year old saying a curse word some correction was in order. He didn't quite understand which word he was not supposed to say and when I would say it to tell him not to say it, he would get even more confused. I am just going to try to pray it away right out of his mind.

~I had to go to the doctor last Wednesday with my back and leg hurting. Turns out I probably have a pinched siactic nerve. Sweet Hubby says I am officially an old lady now. Thanks honey.
I can hear it now, "Sorry kids, Mama can't do school today, her sciatica is acting up."

~Guess what? My cleaning fairy is coming Friday!!!! My mama is coming to help me clean. All my family is coming for the 3rd of July and I have lists of cleaning to do. She is coming to help me. Thank you MamaHensMama! But now I feel like I have to get the house clean before she comes. I know, I am messed up all around.

~Abbie had her 9th birthday party at Build-A-Bear and she was beside herself. We usually just do family mini-parties here at the house so this was a special treat for her. Thank you to everyone who came and made her day so special.

~Our garden is growing, as are the weeds. I just can't keep up. Even with the big kids helping it is beyond me. Our corn looks terrific though and that is my favorite part of the whole garden. Today Mark wants us to tie the tomatoes up. I just looked at him blankly. I can tell you this though; if it gets done today, it won't be until late late tonight cause it is already hot and we haven't even had breakfast yet.

~The chicks are officially teenagers now and they are going through a very ugly period. Like, you look at them and they are no longer little and fluffy and cute, and you think, "Are these the same creatures?" They will be moving into their grownup chicken house this weekend hopefully. Oh, and the one I nursed back to health is doing well and her problem seems to be completely resolved. We'll see when that first egg comes. It could be a beautiful thing or could be quite tragic.

~Matt set our backyard on fire yesterday. I can now add firefighting to my list of qualifications. I honestly didn't know what to do with the child for punishment so I just sent him to bed until I could calm down and think of something appropriate. Also, Mrs. Jennifer and I were sitting in the swing discussing the pros and cons of waxing vs plucking our eyebrows and we needed to come to a resolution. Well, I sort of forgot about Matthew and left him there for about an hour. I figure it was good for him though. He had lots of time to repent and pray (read: try to think of a good story) before I dealt with him.

~We are starting back to school this morning if I can get myself up and going. And take care of all the animals. And do our morning work. I also have about 10 loads of laundry to do. And little children keep coming up to me saying, "I'm hungry." All day long. All the live long day.

I did check in on your blogs when my sciatica was acting up and I either had to stand or sit. Moving was not really an option. I have missed you all! What have you been up to?


  1. Wow, sounds like you were quite busy during your blogging break!

    What we've been up to-preparing for (AKA cleaning) and celebrating Aubrey's 1st Birthday. We just do small family parties too, but they are a lot of work for Mommy! :)

  2. Oh I had a sciatica prob once. Your going to have to ditch the flips and get some Easy Spirits. I did it and it helped. Once it was better, I went righ tback to cuteness, though.

  3. Oh my you have been busy! I feel you on the sciatica. I had it during my first pregnancy something AWFUL and occassionally it returns to say hello. Combine that with my bad knees and the gray hair I keep finding and we can grow old together!

  4. Good grief. That's all too much for me to think about.

  5. No wonder you weren't bloggin'! LOL!

  6. I totally understand your nerve pain, as Newbie has decided to grow backwards into my spine. Mine is killing me too, but it's totally another human's fault.

    y'all had a busy week! Thanks for catching us up. And now I have this visual of your cute little house, with a totally scorched front yard. Poor yard...

  7. Oh Rachel, thank goodness it was not that big. We got to it before it got real big.

    My back is feeling much better, except for when I work in the garden. Which I think is the perfect excuse to stay inside :)