Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Morning

Today I need to:
Buy groceries
Run by the Dollar Store
Go to the bank
Go by the YMCA
Go by the pharmacy
Return books to the library

I also need to:
Make sure the kids eat three times today
Make sure the kids take care of the animals (which usually involves me saying over and over, "Did you give the chickens fresh water? Would you want to be cooped in a cage and no one would bring you cold water on a hot humid Alabama day?"
Iron Mark some clothes for work so he won't have to go to work tomorrow in shorts and a t-shirt

All the while:
Having a three year old who had to go to the doc yesterday because he woke up with a terrible rash unlike anything I have ever seen before and it scared this MamaHen half to death. Turns out it is a very bad case of poison oak, but unlike any poison oak I have ever seen, and believe me, I know poison oak (Matt anyone?) He is now on steroids which make him feel terrible and he doesn't understand why he feels terrible. Imagine a three year old with the worst case of PMS ever and he can't even tell you why he is so emotional. Or why he is having a meltdown because you drew a flower on his rainbow and he wanted the flower way up in the sky and now his drawing is "just ruined!!!!" Yes, he says things like this. I think he may have picked up on my dramatic sayings around here. Maybe I need to try to tame my drama some.

And, you may be asking, why would MamaHen try to do all this in one day? With four kiddos? Actually, I count the big three as help now. It is amazing just what has transpired this past year. They are good help as they get older. Having 3 babies under four is finally paying off :)!

Anyhoos, it is because I am having a big boatload of peoples coming to my house Saturday for our 4th of July celebration. And I am tickled to death they are coming, but I need to be at home for the next two days to clean this house and cook and clean the house some more. So, we will try to wipe out all our errands today.

And I'm pretty sure we will all be wiped out by bedtime tonight. Do you have plans for the day? And will they be as fun as mine :)?


  1. It's funny how someone always gets sick when there's too much to do.

  2. Whew! I'm tired just readingg our to-do list. We've got VBS, grocery run, major decluttering to begin, hopefully some reading, exam studying, cleaning/chores, housepainters here...oh, maybe I'm tired from my own list and not yours?! ;)

  3. Oh poor, poor baby! I cannot imagine how he must feel! Hopefully it's better soon. My day will consist of skateboard camp, back to school shopping, the bank, grocery shopping (at four different stores - the sales, you know?!), tracking down a car topper for our upcoming trip, piano lessons, gymnastics, cleaning sometime, packing for said trip and of course, feeding people, etc...! Hope you get it all done and aren't too tired at the end of the day!


  5. Well so far our plans have been - farmers market on the river front square,lounging on the beach, playing in the ocean, wash, rinse, repeat...mwahaaahaaa

    I guess that makes up for the fact that we have no crazy good 4th plans, though.

    Hey - what are yo guys doing at the Y? Any lessons or fun stuff I need to know about???

  6. I busted out laughing when I read, "a three year old with the worst case of PMS ever"...I know it's not funny for you, but it's hilarious to read about :)

    Aubrey had her one year doctor's appointment today, that's the only exciting thing we did today.

  7. Poison Oak??? Poor thing. Hope it all went well today - with a completely clean slate of a to-do you will be ready to start again tomorrow:)

    So glad the box arrived - Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a Fourth celebration!

  8. Just remember Wendy, lots of that cleaning you think just has to be done is only noticed by you. Just hit the middle!
    Jenny (Renee's sister)

  9. Jennie-good advice, just hit the middle! That might be my motto from now on.

    Mrs. Jennifer-Tyler is going to start tennis lessons at the Y today. He is so excited.