Thursday, July 1, 2010

Updates, updates....

James is feeling much better. He is still pretty hyper and emotional, but the rash is much better. I am still not convinced it is poison oak, but I'm all for him feeling better.

The 8 week No-Soda Challenge: I have done soooo much better. I still drink a Sprite occasionally, like when I was at my aunt's for Father's Day, but I don't have them in the house. It was much easier than I thought. I guess after giving up caffeine this was easier.

We got all our errands done yesterday with only one meltdown (and it was James and not me!). So today is getting myself in gear to get some school and cleaning done. I am actually going to get in the floor and scrub some gunk up that the mop won't get up. Here's hoping the sciatica will play nice.

And speaking of sciatica, yesterday I purchased a pair of Easy Spririt shoes. I don't have time right now, but I will be holding a flip-flop memorial service sometime next week. Now, don't get me wrong, these sensible shoes will only be for home use. Cute flip-flops and sandals will be the "going to town" option, but I really needed something for home use and garden use. I put them on when I got home yesterday and I really think my feet said, "Awww, sweet relief." They are not pretty or feminine, but seeing as I already have snagged my man and we are in it for the long run, and me lying on the bed moaning and groaning in pain isn't exactly endearing, I am going to go for the sensible shoe option.

Tyler is taking his first tennis lesson tonight and he is pretty excited. We found a local YMCA that has group lessons. He is going to try the group lessons for a couple of months to see if he likes it. Then we might go for private lessons. We'll see.

The cleaning fairy (aka My Mom) is coming again tomorrow. I tell you, I could get used to this.


  1. "already snagged my man"
    Uuuuuuhh Huuuuuhh.
    this opens up all sorts of possibilities.
    i may now start wearing tank tops and black tennis shoes. and tucking my tank tops tightly into my umbro shorts.
    all the while working on a pony tail for my balding head.

  2. Oh my at the visual of what Pappa Rooster wrote...

    I'm glad your feet are getting some sweet relief.

  3. its all wide open now, brown knee socks with sandals, holes in my shirts, no more beard trimming I'm braiding that sucker

  4. I think it's interesting that you bought the new shoes just in time for Tyler's tennis lessons. Are you sure you're not joining the group? ;0)

  5. Good for you, Mama Hen--on the quitting soda and on the sensible shoes. I have high arches and I simply don't wear flip-flops. Sorry! But I really don't want to have foot surgery, and if I don't pay attention to what my feet need I know I will eventually be headed that way. My mom has had 2 or 3 foot surgeries from wearing the wrong shoes. I say, listen to your feet!

  6. okay, Scyler has been begging to play tennis for 2 years, so now you've really messed me up. I guess I'm going to have to call the Y...

  7. Hello Mama Hen: thank you for stopping at Scoop on Poop. I, also, gave up soda and caffeine, and my stomach and mothering have much improved! Lovely to meet you!

  8. Glad James is on the road to recovery!

    Hope the cleaning fairy is working her magic at your house today ;)