Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

Today has been one of those days when I look around and say "What did I actually do all day?"

I know I did something because I am tired. We had to go to the feed store to buy chicken feed, to the Piggly Wiggley to buy milk and creamer, and then later to CVS because Tyler has had a headache all day and I needed some Tylenol.

I also helped Abbie deep clean her room. Cooked supper (well, the meatloaf is cooking as I write) and got on to James for coloring on my living room walls. He got over in a corner beside the couch and just had a good ole time with that red crayon. I'm pretty sure he won't do that again. Hopefully. You never know with him.

I also had to take care of the remains of another dead chicken. Charlotte bit the bitter pill sometime last night. I have no idea why. And another has a very unladylike condition that I won't mention for modesty reasons. Really, I am flabbergasted. We are doing the same thing with these chicks as we did we the others and we did not lose one.

I was chatting on the phone with my sister and mentioned to her this day's chicken problems. She told me she never would have dreamed I would be on the phone with her one day talking about going to the feed store and taking care of hen's unladylike problems. Me either. I always wanted a house in the country and chickens and such, but I never really thought about actually doing all the work.

And by the way, my sister Jill, is off work this week and she should be putting up a new hilarious post daily. But she is slacking off. You all should go over and get on to her.

Oh, and I wanted to write this down so I won't forget it. When we start to go somewhere Matt and Abbie start yelling, "Shotgun!" trying to to outdo each other for the front seat. James always yells, "Carseat!" I guess he is afraid someone is going to try to take his car seat from him.


  1. Oh girl, you know I can't come up with a hilarious post! Carseat! - that's a good one!

  2. Carseat - I love it!!!

    We had a very detailed and in depth conversation on our family vacation about the inner workings of some sensitive issues my Mom's chickens had going on too. I learned more about chickens and their issues than I ever wanted to know.

    You and Mom really should start a chicka-Mommy support group.

  3. Carseat! That is hilarious! I think I should start yelling, "Recliner!"

  4. That's funny, I've had a day full of checked off accomplishments! So different than the end of last week for me. My boys have a system of sharing the front seat- our state has rules that children must be 13 before riding shotgun. I think they came up with a system before they were ever 13 I threatened that if there were ever an argument over "shotgun" they'd all end up in the rumble seat!!!

  5. LOVE the carseat :) Yeah I would have never thought in college you would be going to the feed store. Such a country momma these days :)

  6. funny!

    I like Rachel's idea of a support group for chick-mommies, sounds like it might be helpful! ;)

  7. Love how your little one calls, "Car seat" Hysterical!

    Strange about the chickens!