Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This and That

***I was excited to find out that a site I have been waiting for started this morning. Raising Homemakers is a new site devoted to teaching moms how to share the art of homemaking with their daughters. Now, I love homemaking (don't love the cleaning part, but it is necessary) so I hope I can learn some things myself. Today is their launch and they are having a great giveaway. I though some of you might want to go check it out.

***We signed up for the library's summer reading program last week. Last year Abbie wanted to earn the Giant Toothbrush. This year she wants to read enough to earn a Giant Pixie Stick. I am sensing a trend here.

***We are through with school for three weeks!!!! I have a list of house projects I want to work on and today is cleaning out the pantry. I don't like to do it, but I love the results. I have been doing so much better about keeping the freezer and the fridge decent so maybe there is hope for the pantry.

***Our chicks are growing like weeds. And yesterday we caught the opossum that (might have been the one ) who ate our other chicks. He won't be eating any more of our chicks.

That's all. Now I must get up and get to work. Get up MamaHen.

Edited To Add: I have since cleaned out the pantry and did my 1 mile power walk with Leslie Sansone. I was walking to beat the band and Abbie walks by. She says, "Momma, you look like that old woman on Father of the Bride Part Two. You know, when she was big and pregnant and was trying to exercise."

Thank you dear, thank you.


  1. OH Abbie CRACK ME UP. Have fun cleaning out the pantry. I did it a few months ago when I started couponing and wow it took forever.

  2. I saw the new site, and it is so cool. Now I just have to remember what the new site about boys was......

  3. OH.MY.WORD - oh, Abbie Grace...

  4. There's a verse from the Psalms (I think 140 or 141)I pray for myself every day - "Lord set up a guard for my mouth, keep watch at the door of my lips..." Abbie can borrow it.

  5. I think we have a Mary Alice on our hands

  6. I love that movie ! An all time Classic. I am sure the comment was not funny at the time, but I am laughing so hard !

  7. Yay for 3 week school vacation!
    Abbie is pretty hilarious!