Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Motherhood 101, Part 1

I have learned a lot about being a mommy for the past 12 years. Four children with very distinct personalities has had me in on-the-job training for a long time. I have learned a lot about what TO DO and what NOT TO DO. I try to be very careful not to freely share my mommy advice with young moms unless they ask, (such as when I see a toddler hit his mommy in a rage in Walmart and the mommy just smiles and says, "Don't hit Mommy son" in a sweet sing-song voice, instead of taking that toddler to the car and wearing him out, I don't say anything to her), but as an older women who takes her duty to teach the younger women seriously I feel I must share this with you.

Crucial Information About Sippy Cups:

When your baby transitions from his sweet little precious bottle to the dreaded spiteful sippy cup, look at the sippy cups in the store with all their cute little designs and pick up a couple. Think carefully about how many you might need for your youngster.

Then multiply that number by 10.

Did you know that sippy cups have a way of disappearing that is directly proportionate to how badly you need that sippy cup? You don't believe me? Just wait.

And if you have a child that is especially attached to a particular sippy cup go ahead and buy extra. Because when that child is having a I'm so tired and I can't think straight meltdown and really wants that particular sippy cup you will not be able to find it. You don't believe me? Just wait.

And when you go on a mad cleaning spree and suddenly find all those hidden sippy cups that have been under beds and under couches or left in the van for who knows how long, and you have to open the said sippy cup to wash them, and the smell is so bad from fermented apple juice that you think you will throw up, you might just throw that sucker in the garbage and never speak of it again.

And you will be so glad you listened to old MamaHen because you will be able to open that cabinet door and pull a new glistening sippy cup from the shelf and hand it to your child with confidence. And everyone will be happy until your toddler toddles around and puts that sippy cup down in some strange place and then it gets knocked under the couch by an older child who just scoots in under there to get it out of the way instead of bringing it to the sink.

And then the process starts all over again. You don't believe me? Just wait.


  1. we've banished sippy cups. horrible, i know. every single one i've ever tried has leaked after about 5 minutes with my two girls. now the girls each have one kids nalgene water bottle (target) for going out, and a small open cup kept on the table filled with water at home. it's working MUCH better :)

  2. ps. the nalgene bottle does have an optional valve in it, making it sippy-like, but it does not leak one bit!!

  3. I'm cracking up over here!

    We have been there, now we try to transition out of sippy cups as soon as possible. Until that time comes, we have a very firm rule - all cups stay in the kitchen! If a sippy cup gravitates into the other room we take it away until the next mealtime.


  4. I'm LOL too on this! The Momma of our sweet Tuesday visitor is ready to trasition the little darling to sippy cups! She chose the one that we always chose I can't remember who makes them though- they are hour glass shaped and have this little removable white plug thing with a silicone valve that plugs into the hole under the sippy part and they don't leak.

    PS My tongue gets holes from holding it - in those Walmart situations!!

  5. I personally think Playtex sippy cups are the only ones worth their price. Now if I could only get a sippy cup holder like those pacifier holders, then I wouldn't always be buying another pack! :-)

  6. here here sista preaching to the choir :)

  7. So true! We have more sippy cups in our house than regular cups :)

    P.S. I saw another commenter recommended the nalgene bottle sippy cup, I would HIGHLY recommend it to! Some one bought one for Luke & it is our favorite & rarely ever leeks. I found one on e-bay for Aubrey & it was just as cheap at the ones at Walmart!

  8. I can SO relate on disappearing sippy cups!