Friday, July 16, 2010

Motherhood 101, Part 2

Today I thought I would discuss one of the most important things to learn about being a momma.

Your baby sleeping through the night.

I have just a couple of words of advice.

Do whatever it takes to get your baby to sleep through the night so that YOU can sleep through the night.

Co-sleep, nurse all night, give them a bottle in the middle of the night. Leave the lights on, turn them off. Let them sleep alone in the crib. Let them put themselves to sleep. Rock them to sleep. Let them lay on your chest all night while you sleep in the recliner. Let them sleep inclined in a bouncy chair. Go buy a bouncy chair that vibrates and know that however much you paid for it it will never be too much cause finally that baby has stopped crying in the afternoons from 2-6 pm and you might cover it in gold-plate when the baby is finished with it. Instead of having your baby's booties on your display shelf you can have your gold-plated vibrating bouncy seat. Ask me how I know.

Find out what works for your baby and do it. When they are toddlers you can start working on the sleeping and staying in the bed as a discipline issue. When they are little infants, just do what it takes to make sure you get to sleep. Cause it so true that if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. And if Momma is excessively sleep-deprived she is not going to happy.

Believe me they will NOT be 12 and you will still be rocking them to sleep. But you will be so thankful you did rock them when they wanted you to.

***Much of this post is done tongue-in-cheek, but it is so important that momma's sleep. It really does start to affect you in very negative ways. Some of which can be pretty serious.


  1. Amen - and you will remember those nights in the recliner with a sleeping baby for FOREVER:) My babies were all "poor sleepers" but we could really snooze in a recliner:)

  2. I'm going to print this out, laminate it, cross-stitch it on a pillow, tattoo it on my hip, write it on the doorposts, and wear it on a scarf tied around my head. Uh just fell asleep--I gotta go to bed! G'nite!!!

  3. Ummm, just FYI, I have a friend, and I swear to this, whose mom rocked her in the fifth grade...that would make her around 12...I will tell you who it was when I see you next.

  4. okay, so , my chloe slept thru the night at 5 weeks. (10pm-6am) my have slept through the night at 8 MONTHS (yes, I know!!!)and silas is doing 10pm-4am then back to be until 6 or 7...that 4 am is still killing me though, because i'm so stinking tired...but i'm trying so so hard to enjoy those few sleepy cuddly, nursing minutes with my boy :)

  5. Seriously, Colby slept in his bouncy seat IN HIS CRIB. Whatever works!
    Love catching up on your fun farm life!
    You need to email me, girlie! INFO PLEASE!!!!!!!! ;)

  6. I'm sure by the fourth, Momma REALLY needs her sleep.

    I shall keep these sage words of advice in mind for a few months from now. :)