Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heard Around Here Lately...

Mark: "Why is there BBQ sauce all over the couch cover?"

Me: "James stuck his foot in Matt's plate of BBQ and he rolled around on the couch to clean it off."

By the way, this is why we have a washable couch cover. And I did not know this had happened until after the fact.
James, upon waking up Monday morning: "Momma, I have some good news."

Me: "What baby?"

James: "I grew some whiskers last night"

He calls Mark's goatee whiskers and really wants to grow some. When I wash his face he protests, "But Momma, you will wash off my whiskers!"
James (as he is about to receive some discipline)-"But Mom, I am allergic to spankings."

I will say it almost worked. The boys burst out laughing and I had to leave the room and recover from my giggles before I could administer said discipline.
In other news, Mark and Matt arrived home from Matt's Cub Scout camp yesterday. My Matt was as brown as a biscuit and it looked like he grew 3 inches in three days.

I had a really cute picture of Matt to insert here, but I can't find it now.

I think Matt must be practicing to be Survivor Man because he ate a cricket on the camping trip. Yes, I am so proud. He caught one and one of the dads jokingly told him he would buy him some Dipping Dots ice cream if he would eat it. Matt promptly ate it without a blink. Matt got his Dipping Dots though.
Okay, after looking at tutorials for making tote bags, by confidence has waned greatly. Joy, I got your email and I really like that idea. Now I want that one and a bigger bag. Jennie, please send me the pattern if you don't mind. ( . My sewing skills are very basic. My sister Jill is a great sewer, as is my Mom, but I just can't seem to get it together with sewing. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I don't sew on a regular basis and therefore don't get lots of practice. And that I get too frustrated when the machine doesn't do what I want and I just put it all away. I think sewing machines must be part of my sanctification process. Abbie and I leave for her summer camp on Monday and I will be there until Saturday so I won't have time to get to it before then. I am afraid my resolve will be gone by then and I will just go to Target like Rachel said. I have lots of cute material though just sitting around and I look at it longingly.
I am psyching myself up for Abbie's summer camp. Now, I am very excited about spending time with Abbie and her friends. And another mom going is one of the funniest people I know so I know it will be fun, but the heat people. It's the heat. Thank the heavens above, and I truly mean that, there is electricity in the cabins. No bought air, but I will be able to take a fan for sleeping. And thank goodness we will be in cabins and honest to goodness beds. We leave Monday and my mom will have the boys for the week. So I will be packing for myself, Abbie, and the boys the next couple of days. And making sure Mark has enough clothes washed and ironed for work next week. My left eye just started twitching.
On top of all that I have 50 # of peaches arriving Friday night. Which I will have to do something with before I leave. But I got 50 # of peaches for $16! I could not NOT get them!!!!

Okay, I will stop because this is turning into the longest post ever. Is your left eye twitching about anything today?


  1. Quotes from our house this week, I've set the girlies up with embroidery porjects.

    "Momma, my thread came off my needle"

    That one is easy, the next one creates panic, especially since we don't wear shoes in the house and the baby had been here this week,

    "Momma, I lost my needle and I have no idea where it may have landed"

  2. Oh, I should add, that we did find the lost needles, one in the rug (not in anyone's foot PTL) and the other was attached to the thread on the back of the project. All is OK- for now.

  3. LOVE what has been heard in your house this week. Whiskers, how cute. Enjoy you hot trip with Abbie.

  4. You got 50 lbs. of peaches for $16? You could have let me in on that deal, ya know.

  5. 50 pounds of peaches???!!! Send some to work with Mark - I'll make short work of them!

    Girl, I just don't know what to tell you about the heat. I'll thinking about you and praying - you know, that you'll glisten and not sweat. Try to sneak a call to me when you can!

    I'll be glad to make you a tote with your cute material if you want me too. (I also still have your rooster tote that you wanted me to fix the handle on.) I know, how many years has it been???

  6. Did you tell your Mama that she could get 50 lb of peaches for 16.00 and she just forgot. I hope that is it.

  7. So sorry, Mama and Mrs. Jennifer. It was a spur of the moment offer and I had to make a decision real quick. I honestly just didn't think about it. Please, pretty please, forgive me?

  8. James is hilarious, don't you just love what comes out of a kid's mouth?!

    That's a whole lot of peaches, hope y'all will be enjoying some peach cobbler!