Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Winner...

Jaime at Meadow Creek Farm

is the winner of the five homeschooling books!

Today has been a whole day of doing a whole lot and feeling like a whole lot of nothing has been done. I did another batch of jelly and have cut up pears the rest of the day. I did sit on my in-laws porch and watch the hay get baled. I like to do that each year. It means summer is ending and fall is just around the corner.

Oh, and you know how I mentioned in the spring I wanted to paint my den area. Well, I have decided on a color. Its only been four months. I know you all have been on pins and needles.

That's it, I got nothing else. When you are 37 are you allowed to go to bed at 6:15 PM if you want to? My brain is mush and its really pointless for me to be awake anyway. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Hi Mama Hen,thanks alot here is my address 2326 west 1000 north
    Fountaintown,IN 46130

  2. I'm very excited about fall being just around the corner, this heat is killing me!