Friday, August 27, 2010

Ladies, we have a winner....

Of the Southern Girls Giveaway!

And it is Christen!!!! Yeah Christen. In a highly scientific way Abbie and put all of the entrants names into a colander. And then she shook it up. And drew Christen's name. And I wrote this post. We are fancy around here.

Christen is a true Southern Gal who has lived here all her life, she reports. And she has an adorable son and daughter and I am partial to her daughter because Audrey looks so much like my Abbie did the first six months of her life. And if you followed and understood that sentence then you deserve a prize.

And just because James is so stinkin cute and cause its my blog I thought I would post a picture of my adorable precious wonderful three year old. Not that I'm partial to him or anything...


  1. Yay for me ;) Can't wait to try your Muscadine jelly!

  2. Your assistant is lovely! We like to do things "fancy" like that too. In fact I think we might have a lot more in common... I'm kinda partial to my babies (and apparently randomly inserted photos of them) too! Fun post.

  3. Well he IS pretty cute! As is your name picker :) Yay for Christen!

    PS: Thanks for the book suggestions! I'll be putting them on hold at the library today!!

  4. Yay Christen!! I'm making her feed me some of that muscadine jelly.