Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And in even more riveting news....

Awhile back I got on a sewing kick. I really wanted to make a tote bag that was "just for me" to take to Community Bible Study. I thought and thought about all the cute things I would sew. And then I thought some more. Some sweet people even sent me patterns to look at. I looked at the patterns and cringed. And then I thought some more.

Then I stopped thinking about it. The End.

Actually, (as James will say) two bags showed up in my life and hey, why not use a good bag when you have one in the hand, or something like that. A loooooonnnng time ago Rebekah made me the cutest bag. It is made out of two placemats and has a rooster on it. This was right after I got chased into my house by our wild roosters. (RIP). I used it so much the handle came lose and it got pushed back into my closet, cause, I don't sew. Later my sister Jill took it to her house to fix the handle. And two years later she remembered it because I brought it up on my blog. She fixed it and now it is ready to go.

But wait, there's more. My mother-in-law won a bag full of summer goodies and she gave me the bag! And it is too cute! So now I have a dilemma. Which bag shall I use tomorrow? I know. Its too hard to decide.And then, a couple of posts ago, BooMama mentioned the Sharpie Fine Tip Pen which does not bleed through paper. In the name of research I purchased said pen and may I tell you, I am in serious like with this pen. I have been trying to find reasons to write I love it so. My lessons plans are a delight with this pen. I think even paying the bills will be better as I sign my signature with this fine instrument.

Just so you know, Sharpie did not pay me to do this review, but if they want to they certainly can.


  1. You know it is much easier for someone to give you a bag than for you to make one :) You got my hopes up at the beginning of the post... but alas... no sewing news from my dear blogging friend... oh well :) As long as you now have a bag for your Bible, it doesnt' matter, right? Maybe I should make you one...what is your favorite color??

  2. I vote you take the new black & pink bag!

  3. I love it - "a sewing kick"...I've done that kick and quite a few others that somehow just fizzeled along the way! I really do have grand intentions, though!

  4. I didn't get close enough to you today to see which one you picked! The suspense is killing me! :)

  5. I went with the rooster bag. I know, shocking. But I'll switch up next week, cause I so fashion forward and all that.

  6. My vote is too late, but I woulda voted for the flower bag. But oh well..

    And I bought those pens too after she talked about it because I am a VERY particular pen consumer and so am willing to try anything to find THE perfect pen (THE perfect pen WAS the Pilot Permaball but they quit making it!! Can you imagine?? The nerve!!), and I was quite unhappy with them. They're great if I slow down to write, but if I write as fast as I normally do, they are rough feeling and skid.


    I just want my Permaballs back.