Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Linky-A-Loos

Today will be spent schooling, laundrying, and baking. Because tomorrow is this. Go check out Rebekah's blog to see what she has been up to this week. I'll be at the Bluegrass Festival myself to help out (that is, if I can find it). Rebekah, if I'm not there by 10 will you call my hubby or my daddy and tell them to come find me. Thanks.

I think MamaHen's laundry day dilemma may be solved.

I am not the only one who is on a learning curve with the hobby-farm.

Where was Leila when I had my first born? I truly am thankful for older women who are willing to teach the younger women and will just tell it like it is. By the way, yesterday in Bible Study I was put into a small group with the young nursing women. Not sure why, cause I don't nurse James, but there I am. So I am the older woman now. The only thing I can think to tell them is, "PLEASE PLEASE put some socks on your baby. It is freezing in this church. That baby can't tell you his little feet are cold. You have on socks and shoes, why don't you put some on your baby?! Just feel his little feet and his fat little legs! They are cold. Just bring a little light blanket and cover your baby up." Would that be too harsh? I am really starting to sound more and more like a grandmother.

And last but not least, Kate is leaving in 38 hours to go get her two daughters from the Ukraine and she is fully funded!!!!!


  1. Do NOT get me started on babies without socks on their feet! Yes, I love baby feet just as much as the next person but FOR THE LOVE, how can you stand for your baby to be cold??? Even though it's 100 degrees OUTSIDE - you are inside where the AIR CONDITIONER IS ON!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the link!
    Yes, I agree about the socks!! I spend half my time wanting to tell them to cover the baby up, and the other half (in winter) being like, your baby is hot, take off all that stuff, no wonder he's cranky...

  3. It would not be harsh. Do that thing - you know - feel the feet lovingly and then say "oh! His feet are SOOOO cold! He may need some socks. Did you bring some? NO? Well, I happen to have stopped at Wal-Mart on the way here and bought some because I want to always be prepared."

  4. Your mother is two doors down. I will be glad to do the cold feet thing lovingly of course.

  5. That is so awesome that Kate was able to raise the money to adopt those precious girls!

  6. Well, tell them not to wait on a call b/c there is no cell service in that "neck of the woods."

    Don't lose the directions! ;0)

    BTW, if my baby doesn't wear socks, does that make me a young mom still? :-)

  7. I'm sure you were put in that core group because you are so full of wisdom that needs to be imparted to those young mamas! I mean, you've already found some valuable information you need to share with them about their babies' cute piggies!

  8. I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Pioneer Beauty..and I am happy that you joined in on the fun Giveaway..I enjoyed coming by to visit with you as well...and as for the Socks on Babies feet..Even though I am not Young anymore..35yrs old and Counting..we just had baby number 5 and he has only had socks on his feet maybe 5 times since he has been born...But that's because we live in Southern California where we are not lacking in I am happy to hear that not putting socks on your babies feet makes you young...I'll take what I can keeping young : )

    May your day be blessed in the Lord

  9. Just want everyone to know Mama Hen made some AWESOME and ADORABLE apple pies for our bake sale.

    If you haven't figured it out yet, Mama Hen is the best!!!