Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And you thought the Boy Scouts were always prepared....

Today I received two different knocks on my front door.

Knock #1-As I opened the door I saw this.

Abbie and James in cowboy/girl costumes trick-or-treating. Abbie wanted James to have some practice before the real show on Oct 31. James was all excited and telling me that he was a cowboy and his sister (he has started saying "his sister" instead of Abbie) was dressed up like a cowboy girl and they were going to get candy and all you had to do was yell "Trick or Treat!" real loud and bang on the door and etc........... There are a lot of ands in his sentences.

I have to give it to them~they will be ready when the big day arrives.

Knock #2-The Termite Man

A little background first. Matt caught a raccoon in a live trap this morning. After examining it we put it under the back porch, still in the cage, and left it there for Mark to take care of when he gets home. Its just there, in the shade, bothering no one and I honestly haven't thought about it since Matt put it there.

Well, the termite inspection man knocks on the door and proceeds to tell me the house looks fine and he doesn't see any termite problems. And then he says, "Mam, do you know there is a live raccoon under your house?" I quickly said yes and told him what had happened.

He left and after the fact I wished I hold told him that's what we were having for dinner tonight.


  1. that's awesome!!! i love saying things like that for the shock value...adds a little variety to my day :)

  2. "mama said there'd be days like this," and then there's the days of lots of laughter.

  3. Heee heeeee :)
    I keep wanting to tell people who call us about changing our power bills to their lower wonderful plan that we are millionaires and don't want to save money :)
    One day I will...

  4. LOL!! That's awesome. And delicious sounding. ;)