Friday, September 3, 2010

My Nerves Are A Little Shaky Right Now....

Just yesterday:
  • Two trips to the hospital-my sweet mother-in-law broke her foot
  • One trip down HWY 280-those of you in AL just groaned right now
  • To rent a violin for Abbie who is to start lessons next week
  • One hour of listening to the violin renter guy go over all the rules of the violin and the contract
  • One hour of wishing I was anywhere else in the world
  • Back up HWY 280 to my house where my sweet dear mother had come to stay with the kids while I was at the hospital
  • One trip to the YMCA for the boys tennis lessons and one 3 year old who had had enough of this mixed up day and had a meltdown. Mommy started to melt down too.
  • Back home to supper and listening to new violinist for three hours straight. The violin is a beautiful instrument when you KNOW how to play. But Abbie doesn't know how to play, yet. Not even a little bit.
  • I choose to go and sit in my swing, in the dark, and get eaten alive by mosquitoes than have to listen to it.
  • Cause my nerves are...
  • A little bit shaky.
Does "VIOLIN" look right to you, cause spell-check says VIOLIN is right, but I thought it was VIOLEN?


  1. Bless your heart. Seriously.

    "Violin" is correct. Perhaps you are thinking of "violence," and after yesterday, I understand why! :-D

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Oh girl - I think you need a prize. And yes, "violin" is correct.

  3. My nerves would be shot too. Ugh

  4. What a day!! Relax today... realax... breathe in ... breathe out...

  5. Violin is the winner - but I guess you have picked up on that by now. And I know there are special crowns awaiting all parents who endure those early learning sessions of their children's musical careers:)

  6. Just so you know, Schyler prayed for Abbie and her "violen" lessons tonight! :) And she didn't even read this post. I guess God just put it on her heart!

  7. Oh, my! I will pray for your nerves this weekend after today. What a day! I would have chosen the mosquitos too! ;)

  8. Hope Abbie becomes a quick pro at the Violin!

  9. I've often wondered if hell has a special room filled with begining musicians.

    But, there is hope, with some practice she can be very good! My little niece turned out a really good performance in only 6 months.I would've needed 6 years to be that good!

    Hope everthing works out okay with your MIL.