Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little House, Untreed

My Little House before the tree was struck by lightening and had to come down. Look how shady it made the house, sigh.
Here they are in the process of cutting it down. It took three days to get it all down and taken away. It was huge! We tried to count the rings, but the tree men ran me off as I got to 50. There were at least that many more. Probably many more.

And here we are after. To me it looks lonely and bare. We aren't sure how we are going to "fix up" that space. I like flowers, but don't know a thing about growing them. My mother-in-law does and hopefully next spring we can come up with a plan. Right now we have some potted plants sitting on the trunk.

I know the tree needed to come down. It was dangerous being so big and close to the house. But it still seems strange to pull into the drive and it not be there. And I really miss the shade.


  1. Piece of mind, that's what you have without the tree- although the shade is a big deal. Wish we could've had your tree for fire wood- that's what we are in prayer {need} for

  2. Aww, poor tree!

    I'm terrible with flowers. So terrible that my Mother brings potted plants over every now and then and plants them (out of sheer frustration of my skills, I'm sure). She's always sure to plant the most unkillable things possible.

    But I still kill them.

  3. Sad, but like you said it had to be cut down for safety. We are surrounded by old oaks and everytime it storms here I cringe thinking we will lose one. We had a really bad ice storm two winters ago and lost some limbs but so trees. Have a great weekend!

  4. You could plant more trees, but place them a little further from the house. You can join the Arbor Day Foundation, and for a $10 donation they send you ten tiny baby trees. We joined two years ago, and my trees are now 4-5 feet high. (I will take them when we move)
    Consider an ornamental tree that flowers and produces shade.
    I just love trees! Can you tell?

  5. I miss that tree every time we pull in to the driveway.
    Our neighbors planted weeping willows and they grew really fast and are so pretty now.

  6. Oh! I'm sorry you lost your tree. But I'm glad it was in a planned manner rather than unexpectedly. We have a huge, 100-plus-year-old fir that threatens our place and it will be so sad but some day we'll be as brave as you and take it out.

  7. We have a huge oak tree in front of our house. It would be so weird to lose it. Your poor house looks lonely without that big tree. I'm just like you, I wouldn't know what to do with that spot. We had a friend that is a landscaper come over and help us with the front of our house. I hope you MIL has some great ieas. Lisa~

  8. Mama Hen,
    I was thinking about this post again today. During a storm last month, the neighbor's tree split in half. They cleaned up the half that fell and left the rest. BUT, we drove by today, and the other half of the tree fell!
    I was feeling glad that you all cut your tree, so that you won't have any more trouble or damage!

  9. I understand completely. Do you remember that big twin oak in our front yard? It is gone. It was beginning to be infested by bugs and our tree guy was concerned that in a storm it would split. One side would have fallen directly on my sons' bedroom. So, we had it taken down.

    I miss the shade, plus it was a pretty tree. Yet it needed to come down. This is the third tree we've had removed in less than 4 years. But we are safer. :)

  10. That's so sad that the shade is gone!
    I don't know anything about flowers!