Wednesday, September 15, 2010

James, the Computer Whiz?

Yesterday morning I caught James at the computer. He was moving the mouse around the home screen, acting like he was doing something very important. I asked him what he was doing and he replied matter-of-factly, "I'm leaving a comment." I looked at him strangely and walked on. (By the way, leaving a comment is very very important, hint, hint).

Later, as we were driving to Art Class he piped up and said, "Momma, how do you put a picture on your blog?" Total shock from me. The big kids all started laughing as I told him how to import a picture from a memory card. He really likes it when I use big words with him. He later tries to repeat them in a conversation and it is hilarious. Anyway, if he asks me today how to update a blogroll I am going to get worried. Does my three year old have a secret life I need to know about?

James happens to think he is just as big as the big kids and he wants to be treated like they are. Oh, the unfairness of it all when I will let my 12 year old walk the pasture by himself, but not my three year old. He can get very put out with me and so usually I try to give him something to do that makes him feel big. Like give him a hammer and have him nail a pretend nail into a board for awhile. You would be surprised how long this can occupy (and distract) a small child. Anyways, yesterday at our park lunch date with the Hixons, my two oldest children were horrible acting. Totally unlike them, as they are usually pretty obedient, compliant, and helpful. I wasn't sure what was going on and we packed up to leave. After we got in the car I let them have it with my mom speech and trying to figure it all out. (And yes Rebekah, that's why it took us long to leave. I had lots of "talking" to do.) I got onto the boys pretty good and looked at James. He was waiting for his "getting onto" also. He looked real sad as I told him sternly he needed to obey Mommy the first time every time. He puckered his lips and acted like he was going to cry and then said softly, "Yes, mam." He then smiled and was happy as a clam. After all, if the big boys are going to get in trouble, he might as well join them. :)


  1. comments are so very important, he's right.

  2. Too funny about James. I think he hasn't actually started a blog or anything yet, but I wouldn't be surprised how much of it he may actually be remembering. ;)

  3. Dear Big Mama Words,
    I can relate, it's amazing what they pick-up when you don't know they are paying attention - scary, actually...
    T-boy (4) was messing on my computer the other day and when I asked what he was doing he said he was putting pictures on Facebook for me!
    Better Watch My Words in NE

  4. Too cute! I think you've got a genius on your hands. Maybe some of his good behavior will rub off on Eli tomorrow!

  5. Oh I've been reading James' blog for quite a while now...

  6. James, I love your picture! You are such a smart boy!

  7. That's hilarious!! He's obviously been listening to you blog quite a bit!

  8. That's so funny that he's so interested in the blog!
    You should let him leave a comment, so we can all read what he would have to say...or better yet, he can be do a guest post! :)

  9. If James can do a blogroll, he is smarter than me!!
    The apple pies look yummy, and perfect for small hands=)
    If our house every sells,and we get to move to the country, can you teach me to can? I was raised a city girl.