Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

It is boring around here sometimes, but when the kids are around it is never dull.

Take today for example. After Matt finished his school work I sent him and James out to play. It is finally finally feeling a little cooler. And the air is so fresh and crisp. I wanted them to have plenty of playtime today.

Tyler comes in and says nonchalantly, "Matt is stuck in the hideout."

I go to investigate and find that yes, he is indeed stuck. He had been climbing our tree/bush/hideout combination and fell.

Don't worry. The vines caught him. And his leg was wedged in there pretty good.

When I got to him he was trying to cut himself out with his pocketknife. It wasn't working as he was surrounded by multiple vines in various sizes. I sent Abbie back in to get the clippers (and the camera), and in true blogger style, documented the distress of my child before I saved him. He came away with some scratches, but other than that he is okay.

I found out after he was freed that his older brother had known for quite some time he was stuck. You can just feel the love in the air around here.


  1. I'm glad I"m not the only one who says, "oh wait! hold still while I get the camera"...then offer help.

  2. All good mother's grab the camera first, right? Sounds a bit like Pooh getting caught in Rabbit's doorway... That turned out all right too- I'm glad that everyone was feeling good enough to be outside, getting into mischief!

  3. You are a champion blogger - always recognizing great blog material and ALWAYS pictures first!!

  4. I'm just glad the others didn't try to burn the bush down around him. In a loving manner, of course.

  5. LOL! Love that brotherly love!

    And, yes, I'm so glad you got the camera first. At times I have not myself. Then that moment is lost forever. If no one is actually in pain, capturing that moment of silliness/hilarity/dirtiness is usually worth it! ;)

  6. Too funny, I have taken pictures of my kids in distress before rescuing them many a times!