Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Become A Mommy Blogger, by MamaHen

So, you are thinking about starting a mommy blog...

Here is the way to do it~in twelve easy steps.

1. Tell very embarrassing stories about yourself for the whole wide internet world to read.

2. Saturate your blog with your children's pictures and their cute sayings.

3. Grab the camera and take pictures before you rescue them from danger.

4. Don't take yourself too seriously.

6. Talk about how cute your hubby is to the whole wide internet world to read.

6. Start to meet some of your internet friends in real life and think they are pretty neat.

7. Spend time reading lots and lots of mommy blogs and realize we are all in this together.

8. Be sure to tell your readers about friends who mean a lot to you.

9. Have a sister start a hilarious blog and even though she has great giveaways, know she ain't ever gonna pick you. (Love you sis.)

10. Meet a friend literally all the way around the world and marvel at her creations.

11. See other's prayers get answered.

12. Be so thankful for this outlet that lets you "meet" a lot of great women!!!


  1. Oh, you are so sweet :) I'm glad I met you too and hope to meet you for real one day :) And you know what, if not here on earth, in heaven with our Lord!!!

  2. and be there when they're not answered, or not answered the way they want.

    So very true.

  3. I'm so glad you're my biggest fan!

  4. So true, fellow Mommy bloggers are such an encouragement!

  5. You're an AWESOME blogger! And an AWESOME friend, too!

  6. Great steps!! I love it! And it was so fun to have met you in need to come to another meet-up soon! There's one on 10/15 with Lisa Leonard and her amazing jewelry, and then a lunch one on 10/22... I miss you!

  7. Visiting you from your sisters blog!! I randomly follow her... I love blogging but have a hard time fitting it in sometimes!! and i love love this funny little post about it!! clever!! bloggin since Jan 2010~ bloggin for bliss and fun! ;)