Saturday, September 4, 2010


Oh Ladies, it is so wonderful right here in dear old Alabama right now. It is still warm, but there is a tinge of fall in the air. Football season starts today for our two main teams, and even though I am not a huge football fan, it still is a little exciting. I love the thought of football night air, the bands, the young people all excited. It also makes me think of my college days. I can still remember how it felt to be walking across the campus on beautiful fall days.

This morning when we woke up I had to turn off the air it was so cool in the house. I had my back door open to let in some fresh air.

Mark and the three big kids went dove hunting today. My dad went with them so it will be interesting to hear their stories when they get back. So it has been James and me here today. I made some more jelly this morning. And then I made some homemade caramels.

Ya'll, this is not just "make your skirt fly up" good. This is "make you skirt fly up, you smooth it down, and it flys right back up again" good. They are not hardening up like caramels you buy at the store so I have just been eating it with a spoon. I may or may not had a little sugar high after a couple of bites.

Mrs. Jennifer and FavCousin came over to pick some muscadines. I helped a little, but I think I ate more than I picked. Sorry Jennifer. They are just that good. And good for you too. I think it helped even out the caramels. I tell myself that anyway. After they left I put in a movie for James and took a little nap. Really went to sleep. Divine.

Now I am going to fold some laundry outside in my swing. Does that make me a real country hick? To sit in your swing and fold your laundry. It is just too beautiful to be inside.

I hope all of you have a wonderful long weekend. We are doing a whole bunch of nothing. And so happy about it too.


  1. The muscadines definitely cancel out the caramels. Funny, though - I didn't get any of those caramels. Hmmm....

  2. I'm just a lil' bit envious. . . .

  3. Just wanted to tell you how excited I am that your Mom is my core group leader this year. Now if James gets in the same class with Eli everyone will be happy! Hope to see you at CBS this week.

  4. I'm wishing for a bit MORE fallishness...the crispness is what I look forward to!!

    And the caramels sound QUITE divine!!

  5. It was such a beautiful weekend, too bad it's back in the '90's again this week!
    Homemade caramels sound heavenly!