Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Trouble

As I walked through the living room I caught James jumping on the couch cushions . He had pulled them off the couch and was jumping all over them. I saw him jumping.

I went to him and said, "James Daniel, who pulled these cushions off the couch?"

He looked at them like he had never seen them before and said, "I don't know. But whoever did is in biiiiggggg trouble."

He's a stinker all right.

My computer is acting all up and for some reason I can't leave comments on anyone's blog right now. I am hoping Sweet Hubby can fix it this afternoon.

MamaHenEm, thank you for the sweet comment you left. I wish I could meet you in real life and say thank you for reading for so long. I think we should have our own blogger conference. We could call it The MamaHen Meetup!


  1. Oh that picture of him is too sweet - what a cutie:)

  2. Dear Mamahen,
    I love that false innocence! My boy is in the habit of coming up with his own stories... they always crack me up!

    Can Prairie Hens come to the mamahen meetup? Please, Please, please? :)

    The Prairie Hen in NE

  3. A Prairie Hen can definitely come! (especially if that NE stands for Nebraska, which is where I'm from!) I would LOVE to meet up someday!

    James makes me wish I had a little person in my house again!

  4. You can't punish them after a comment like that, can you?!? Too cute!

  5. Aw, James! My Miss Ladybugs and Butterflies would be guilty of saying something similar in that situation, I'm sure!