Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Bday to my Matt!

Eleven years ago at this exact time I was at Brookwood Hospital. I had just gotten my sweet epidural. I had been having back labor and having never experienced this phenom eon , I was ready to strangle the next person who walked in my room without that needle. After a bad experience with an epidural with Tyler I had decided there was no way I could get one again. A couple of hours of back labor changed my mind.

But, back to Matt. I can't imagine life without this sweet boy. He was a quiet good baby and toddler and you could take him anywhere. He was so content and precious. He was a chub and his fat rolls were just too much for this momma.

Around three he became our family clown and family expert on dinosaurs. He has moved on from dinosaurs to his current passion of trapping possums and raccoons. I think his real current passion is the $1 he gets from his granddaddy for each one caught, but he is having a good time anyway. And Matt's gonna have a good time.

For his birthday breakfast he choose cherry pie and chocolate ice cream. And for his birthday supper he choose ribs and homemade mac and cheese. And cupcakes for dessert. He gets the day off from school and I have a feeling much of his free time will be figuring out how he can make his traps more effective. After all, $1 a raccoon is good money.

(Disclaimer: He uses live traps that cause no harm to said animal and they are taken to a wooded area far far away from our home to be released. I am not so kind-hearted towards raccoons and possums, but Matt is. After they ate 9 of my baby chicks I lost all good-will toward them. But as I am aiming for mother-of-the year, I carry them in the back of my van for him. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in this life. But I am so glad I did.)

Happy Birthday my Matt!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Matt! Hope you are right now enjoying that birthday breakfast...that is a breakfast for real men only! And good thing there is no school (totally got the mom of the year award right there!) cause after that sugar high, there would be no math and grammar happening!!

    Hope it is a great day - and totally successful trappin' day, too!! Happy Birthday:)

  2. Happy Birthday to my Mattie-Cakes!!! Oh my word - he was such a fat toddler. I just wanted to hug and kiss on him all the time!

    I'm sure he'll have a great day and think up all new sorts of ways to make money!

  3. Happy Birthday Matt!
    That birthday breakfast sounds delicious :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope Matt has a wonderful day filled with lots of special surprises!

  5. Happy birthday. Wow. Eleven. That's getting up there momma. He'll be grown before you know it. OK, now I'm sad. Lisa~

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet son.

    So scary the fire! Glad you were able to get everything under control!

  7. I'm secretly paying the people that live near where you release the racoons to re-trap them and return them to your house. Happy one, Matt.

  8. Happy, happy birthday from everyone here at my house!

  9. Happy Birthday to Matt!! What a cutie pie -- of course a grown up racoon trapping boy probably doesn't like to be called a cutie pie.

    We are overrun with racoons and red squirrels around here. I get a kick out of the red squirrels, they are so hilarious! But the racoons cause a lot of trouble.

  10. Happy Birthday! We missed you at CBS, were you playing birthday hooky, or did I just not see you?
    We could use this boy!! Emmi would love to talk dinosaurs with Matt.
    Does he have a trick for trapping chipmunks? We have tried, to no avail, they are making holes behind the retaining wall.
    Love that you actually gave him that breakfast request.