Monday, October 18, 2010


Due to a funeral in our family we had a very impromptu family get-together yesterday. I have decided that impromptu is the best way to have a get-together. It was relaxing and laid-back. Even though we were together because of a sad occasion it was good to see family we hardly ever see. My children got to meet cousins they didn't even know they had. We had wonderful weather and the kiddos played and played and we adults sat around, visited with each other, and watched the children play.
(Tyler was here with us, but he seemed to be avoiding the camera.)


  1. Love all those similin' cousins - no matter the occasion, children can bring back the joy!

  2. Those pictures take me back to my days as a little girls. Family would get together and just hang out. The older people sitting in lawn chairs, the young adults standing around them, the kids running around playing....weaving in and out of the adults. It's nice that you could make something sweet from a sad situation. Lisa~

  3. Love the piggyback picture! :)

  4. Great pics!

    I can't find a place to comment on the about Southern phrases so I'll just leave my comment here.

    I remember my grandparents saying "Well I'll be." but they never said WHAT they would be. There are just so many southern gems to choose from - we are definitely an interesting people :)

  5. *ahem* The "POST" about Southern phrases... sheesh.