Friday, November 12, 2010

Breaking news....

Our new chickens laid two eggs! And its about time. We have been feeding those chickens for months and finally we got two eggs this morning. Yeah, no more buying eggs at the store for me. At least until the weather gets colder and then they will stop for awhile.

In other news...

Matt decided to go on strike. He wants a fourth meal of the day. He has done this before and it didn't work, but he decided to give it another go. He built this huge tower (so big he had to climb the tree and lower himself into it) and decided he was going to stay there until his demands were met.

He lasted about 30 minutes.

I just sat in my swing, read, and ignored him. I had to take a few pictures though for Mark.

I basically told him (sweetly, of course) that it was all I could do to make three meals a day (and some of those are questionable as to whether they can be called meals) and that he was 11 years old and if he wanted a fourth meal he could cook it and clean it up himself. As I said, it took him about 30 minutes to realize if he didn't come down he wasn't getting any meals, much less a fourth meal.

I am coming along with my Homemaking for the Holidays Challenge. I am behind, but it is still doable. I am just trying to "do the next thing", but I have to admit, some days it feels like I am not even keeping my head above water, much less swimming some extra laps.


  1. This cracked me up! I love his tower!

  2. Those extra laps are hard to squeeze in. I just finished the last child's last subject and had to go straight to supper. Typing From my phone as I cook. But it's all good. I know the most important things are getting done, and the rest will have to wait. (there's always tomorrow, right?lol)

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you got your scentsy plug in already! And i'm glad you like it! each one of the little cubes of wax lasts about 10 hours (fyi). after it's not making a scent anymore just scrape/scoop it out and put a new one in. the wax won't disappear, but the scent will so it's better to replace it than add to it. (i just figured this out) my party went fabulously. Hubs took the info to his school and we've decided he's the official Scentsy Man because he's so cute and sweet and all the older ladies he works with just wanted to buy buy buy from him!

  4. Oh no- 11, he's gonna eat you out of house and home- my children are always on the prowl for food...I've heard that chickens stop laying due to lack of light, not the heat, we don't have chickens so this is purely hearsay on my part...

  5. Kimberly, it is the lack of light. I guess I meant with the colder weather comes the shorter days and they don't lay as much. Don't worry, I confuse myself ALL the time :)

  6. I love the strike!! He must have seen one of those "Fourth Meal" Taco Bell commercials. :)

  7. Yep Rachel-that's where he got it from. Think about it, in just a couple of years he can get a job there and eat all the fourth meals he wants!

  8. I feel your pain....just told DH that when I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I realized it was the train.
    Keep on trying! And be thankful that you're youngest didn't put a dirty fork full of chocolate icing into the silverware drawer, and rub it all around....yes--mine did.