Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Morning

Well, today starts the beginning of several days full of family, food, and fun. The Hixons are coming today, tomorrow is Thanksgiving at my mom's house, and somehow before Wednesday I have to get my Homemaking Challenge done.

I was seriously sidetracked by allergies (even had to go to the doctor) and numerous other things, but it is all still doable. But today is sit and laugh day, and tonight I'll get back to cleaning. Maybe. We usually laugh a lot and I might be pretty tired :)


  1. You should have told Rebekah and the girls that if "you don't work, you don't eat"---oh that would be rude.
    But they are all so sweet, I bet they would have finished your list=)

  2. Wow - let the fun begin. I truly am jealous...I miss so many in my family. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. I just thought of something. We were supposed to iron today while we laughed. LOL! The only thing we did with the ironing board was put things on it out of reach of the toddler! :0)

  4. Janet-they almost didn't eat. I actually ran out of soup and had to run down to chick-fil-a and get Rebekah and me some lunch!

    Not a bad thing (love me some chicken wraps), but I can't believe I ran out of food!!!!!

    Rebekah-I thought about the ironing, but decided against it. I'm still waiting for the ironing fairy to come and take care of the pile for me. :)