Monday, November 22, 2010


Can you believe it is Thanksgiving time? I have sort of pushed it all back thinking it was still far away, but here it is. This week we are having a short school week and finishing up my Homemaking Challenge. I still think it can be done, but the kiddos are going to be helping a lot the next few days. Which is A-Okay, since they made the majority of the mess.

I've got a hodgepodge of pics to share.

James singing at my Bible Study's Children program. I was a happy heart momma.
Will someone help me? Tyler won't stop growing up and I can't stop it.

Melon plays so hard and then just conks out wherever he can find a peaceful place. And yes, I know these are Christmas pjs. But they were clean Christmas pjs.I have not seen a cat sleeping like this before, have you?

Abbie got to spend the night with Aunt Jill Saturday night and Jill took her out for her first manicure. I heard the child was in heaven. And she got new shoes. I think I am going to start spending the night with Aunt Jill. Jill, she had a great time, and I heard all about it for the rest of the night. She was so happy though, it was sweet.

Okay, off to check your posts, and then schooling and cleaning will commence. Baseboards to be cleaned!


  1. I asked Abbie a while back if Aunt Jill would adopt me to be her niece, because she was telling us all the wonderful things Aunt Jill does for her. Without hesitation Abbie said, "NO!." Then she told me she was pretty sure Aunt Jill didn't like me :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday for 4 year old James! Our own birthday 3 year old had a good day, too! You remind me I should load some photos and share.

    I'm glad Abbie and Jill have a great relationship. So sweet when family lives close and does things together. So good for the children--and the adults! :)

    Oh, my! Are you really cleaning your baseboards! If you still have steam when you get done cleaning everything, you're welcome to come to my house. ;) I still have sharpie marker decorating my bedroom windowsill. We're going to put Mr. Clean erasers to the test--me and Mr. 3 year old Lightning, of course.

  3. So cute! I wish I had a solution to the growing up problem. It's rude.

    Have a great Thanksgiving! Lisa~

  4. Boy, that Matthew looks fresh as a daisy in that birthday cake picture

  5. I had fun with that sweet girl too! And yes, for the love, Tyler needs to stop GROWING UP!!!

    Matt's expression is classic!

  6. Aunt Jill, I want to spend the night! :0)

  7. I want a manicure and new shoes!!! I think Aunt Jill's sounds like a lovely spend-the-night party!

    All the kids are too cute!

  8. James looks so cute in the reindeer ears!
    We've been wearing Christmas PJ's for weeks now :)