Monday, November 1, 2010

Randomness with a little bit of more random thrown in for good measure...

I've got lots of random in my head and no place to put it, so here ya go.

1. Mrs. Jennifer discovers my secret to a great breakfast.

2. Last night Abbie told me she read in her American Girl book that having a clean room is better for you and makes you rest better at night. She said she was going to keep her room clean from now on. Help me Rhonda, I have been saying the same thing for 9 years to her. I guess I just needed to dress up in very expensive doll clothes to get through to her.

3. Today is the first of November. Which means James, (my sweet precious little newborn) will be four in ten days. Which means I am going into a decline. Will four still pass as a sweet precious little newborn?

4. My mom and dad are leaving today for their annual get-away trip with their supper club. Which means:
  • someone will break a limb or
  • someone will get very sick and then infect the rest of my household or
  • I will get very sick
Just wait. Its true.

5. Melon the kitty is the sweetest little kitty-cat ever. He is secretly mine. I am playing the grandparent role where I get to love and play with the kitty and Abbie has to be the mom and clean out the litter-box.

6. I made a pie crust from scratch the other day. And it worked. Knock me over with a feather.

7. That's all. In the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep there was lots more in my head, but now it is completely gone.

8. Oh yeah, I have done my last two big grocery trips at ALDI and can I say, "Where have you been all my life? I am amazed at the price difference. Still love me some Publix, their service can't be beat. But at this time of my life when I am feeding six (and two of them are pre-teens who eat to beat the band) ALDI is awesome!

9. Oh, oh, I have decided to have an almost-month long project list. It will last until Thanksgiving and will consist of something extra I can do each day to make my home ready for the holidays. Some days it might be a big project and some days (especially days I will be gone a lot) it will be small. Today my project is to sit down with my calendar and make the list. I will need you all to cheer me on and encourage (guilt will work), me to finish the job. IF I can do all the jobs on the list by Thanksgiving I will have a drawing for a PRIZE for YOU on Thanksgiving Day.

I'll figure out the entering details when I make my list and let you know tomorrow.

What's going on at your house this week?


  1. I can't wait to see your list.

    And he can count as a newborn if my almost four year old can too.

  2. We can pretend he's a newborn but when they start running away when you try to snuggle up... it's a dead giveaway they aren't.

    Good luck with the list. I've been meaning to sit down and try to get a grip on all the things that will need to be done between now and Christmas. Might I be a little prepared this year????

  3. I'll be over in ten minutes to get that book...
    *tires screaching*

  4. 1. yes, he's still a new born :)
    2. I am with you on the project list, and i am horrible about finishing things. the only way things get done is if we are having people over and i start the project, so then i have to finish or else our guests will see what a flake i truly am :)
    3. making a list is the first step!

  5. just drew the winner for the scentsy giveaway and you won!! email me your info and scent & plug-in and I'll get it shipped to you!! congratulations :)

  6. You got to love the AG books- I guess it spoke to her on her level. In eleven days my sweet middle daughter will be 12- tell me where that time went? I love 4 year olds they are adorable.

    Love your list!

  7. Love Aldi too!
    Hate it when I can't sleep because my brain won't shut off in the middle of the night.
    Good post. Have a great Monday!

  8. I've always wanted to try out Aldi, but there isn't one near our house & Publix is only a mile away.

    Pretty boring week for us, just the usual housework, but this weekend is packed with fun...first is Rachel's baby shower Saturday morning & then my mom's coming to town to go to Christmas Village with me!