Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Linky-A-Loos and Other Random Stuff

Only one link today, but it is a good one-Mark and I both read it. And yes, it is true. Especially about the teenagers and how much they eat. I don't have teenagers yet, just pre-teens, and the amount of food they can consume in a day is amazing.

In other news...

Abbie has been watching the Duggars on Netflix. She is enthralled and knows all about them. It is Duggar this and Duggar that around here. Here brothers are tormenting her by telling her they are not a real family, that they are just actors. She is fiercely adamant that are real and it makes her furious when they tease her. So of course, they just do it more.

Two more weeks of school and then we are off for about two weeks. My brain is so glad. It would rather think about other things (like reading books for pleasure) than mathematics. Unfortunately I have to do some mathematics later this afternoon as I have to pay the bills.

Abbie and FavCousin, along with Tyler and James when he stopped pouting, performed a Thanksgiving re-enactment for us on Thanksgiving Day. Abbie wrote a script and had fun telling everyone else what to do. James pouted and would not participate until he realized no one was paying any attention to him and decided to perform. Here they are rowing to shore and meeting the Indians. Tyler played a very convincing Indian and I was proud of him for getting into the spirit of things. Matt, my contrary child, would not do it. He prides himself on going against the flow. I am praying he will use this for good and not evil as he grows.

Also, Woody from Toy Story showed up last night.
Oh, our chickens have all grown up and are giving us eggs daily. Its about time. And I wanted to to introduce you to Rosita, aka, The Ugliest Chicken Ever. Mark thinks she is pretty, but not me. But she is our best layer so I am happy we have her. And she lays green eggs which are very pretty. I like to watch her run though. She waddles, just as I did when I was expecting.


  1. I think I'm a little upset that we didn't get a Thanksgiving performance! Make sure you work on that for Christmas.

    I don't believe I've ever seen Woody look cuter!

  2. I'm a huge Duggar fan too, but haven't been able to watch this last season since we don't have cable & they stopped putting the episodes on their website...maybe we need to get Netflix!
    I had no idea chickens could lay green eggs :)

  3. I've given you another award on my blog, Mama Hen!