Monday, December 6, 2010

Good Morning....

Michelle awarded me The Versatile Blogger award this past week. I was going to put up the cute little button that came with it, but blogger appears to be throwing a hissy fit this morning so it isn't working as it is supposed to.

I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself and ya'll, I am struggling. I am really a pretty boring person. And I'm good with that, but it doesn't make for interesting reading. Sorry.

1. I love love love Christmas shows. Not shows like Hallmark or Lifetime. But sitcom or drama Christmas shows. I could sit and watch Christmas Little House or Walton's or King of Queens or Monk. Just so that it is Christmas. It is driving my family crazy because at night I only want to watch Christmas shows. We don't have cable and since our government forced us to do the digital TV thingy (no, I'm not bitter or anything), our TV hasn't worked correctly. So our Netflix choices are greatly limited. It's only three more weeks. They can live with it, right? And did you know I went to Netflix and tried to order some Walton's and there is a long wait for it. A long wait for the Waltons? Who would have thunk it?

2. I love having chickens, but I really don't like to eat eggs. Or cook them. I have a hard time with the smell. But I do like having the eggs for baking and such. The rest of my family really likes eggs so I work through the smell. You think I could come up with a smell-less egg?

3. If I wake up in the night I HAVE to roll over to the other side. I can't explain it and it drives Mark crazy, but it has to be done. When I was great with child it was a big production for me to roll over several times a night in our double bed. Mark is a saint I tell you.

Ya'll, I have been sitting here and really can't think of anything else. So I will spare you and say Thanks Michelle! Hope you and your family has a lovely and wonderful Christmas!!!!!!


  1. thank you for your leniency in my discription

  2. Add salt and pepper and garlic to your eggs before you cook them instead of while they are in the pan. That helps with the smell. And I like to saute stuff with mine, like onions or peppers, so if I do that before hand, it smells good and covers the egg smell.
    Next time your at the thrift store, buy yourselves a king size bed. You don't need floor space, after all it is a bed room.

  3. I can't believe with all the chickens you have that you don't like to eat eggs or like the smell of them, too funny!

    I love the Little House Christmas shows, my favorite is one of the first ones when there was a blizzard & Mr. Edwards walked through the blizzard & the almost frozen river to bring the girls their Christmas gifts! That was the Christmas that Ma took a liking to Mr. Edwards...makes me want to go buy the dvds now so I can watch it (we don't have cable either, or netflix).

  4. You, boring? HA!!! I am with you on rolling to the other side at night... I have to, must, can't help it... I'm sure there must be a logical reason, right? hmmm.... :)
    On the other hand, I LOVE eggs :)

  5. Um, people, you have to roll over in bed or you will die! Well, you must not die, because my husband doesn't adjust much either, but you do have to move around or your blood will pool and your sores will grow and and and....
    Once I read something about this. But I can't remember it.
    However, you have to turn over!

  6. The world is going to alright if there is a long wait for the Walton's

  7. Hey, Mama Hen, thanks so much for attempting to link up with this award. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you yesterday but MY BLOG IS DOWN. As a matter of fact, all of Homeschool Blogger is down. It went down over the weekend. It is a hardware problem, and I'm not sure when it will be back up again. I'm sorry about the button graphic. I went looking for it on Laura's blog just now but I must be tired from our long, long, long week. I can't find it tonight. Sigh. I'll let you know when my blog is back up again!

  8. Leila said it right....roll over or death!

    I love this list. I love learning these kinds of little things about my friends, especially in blogland where we don't get to know each other in person.

    I must have missed something, why is it only three more weeks until the TV/Netflix problem is fixed? Lisa~

  9. Lisa, I was saying only three more weeks that they have to watch Christmas shows at night. Because then Christmas will be over.

    I am so glad others have to roll over too. Mark can sleep all night just laying there like a log. Doesn't move. Me, I HAVE to roll over. My sister says she is the same way. I wonder if it is a female only thing?

  10. My blog is BACK this morning! Feel free to come pick up the button graphic now! :)