Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Hardworking Men

Mark has been off work this week and has been busy with the boys tearing down the barn. Abbie and I have been busy trying to avoid going up there because Mark wants to put us to work as well. We have been busy with "house things". Right Abbie?

James wakes up ready to help Daddy with the barn, but his enthusiasm quickly wears off. Especially when it is 30 degrees outside. What is going on? As I have said before, "I put up with the heat of Alabama so I don't have to put up with coldness."

My hardworking men.

And my hardworking hens. Matt is trying an experiment right now. He is putting red food coloring in their food to see if he can get red yolks. It is supposed to work, so we'll see. I love that kid.

Right now, as I type in my warm and cozy house, Mark and the kids are out in the Back 40 cutting down our Christmas tree. So tonight will be decorating night. I am going to fix potato soup for supper and then we will have hot chocolate or apple cider while we decorate.

That all sounds so sweet, doesn't it? And it will be. But before that can happen I have to go make a place for the tree in our living room, find all the decorations, and test the lights. I also have to make the soup and make up the hot chocolate mix. And before that can happen I have to go clean up the kitchen from where my three men came in and devoured lunch. And I better come up with a snack to make because with them working out in this cold weather they want to eat about every 1/2 hour. You think I'm kidding, don't you?

Well, off to tackle the kitchen...try to stay warm!


  1. This weather sure is something right now... And here it's supposed to get even colder next week!

  2. Girl, I have been freezing my beehonkas off! Have fun tonight!

  3. I can't wait to hear if they actually turn red.

    I agree that's the whole point of the heat of Texas so it doesn't get cold here.

  4. How strange that it's been so cold for's been unseasonably warm for us....60 degrees today! I'm missing our December cold and snow! Can't wait to hear if you get red yolks! So fun!

  5. Red yolks, huh? That would be interesting!

    Hope the evening went well!

  6. That definitely sounds & looks like a men only job to me!
    That's so cool that the red food coloring will turn the egg yolks red, I'd like to see a picture of that!