Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My $1 Dollar Tree sunglasses disappeared. And that is exactly the reason I buy them at the Dollar Tree. Sunglasses don't like to live at my house. They run off a lot.

In searching for a new pair I found a some really cute purple ones. They had big round frames and I immediately liked them. These were totally different than the low-key brown ones I usually get.

I came home tried them on for Mark and told him, "These are my statement sunglasses."

He replied, "What statement are you trying to make? " I could tell he didn't particularly like them.

Me: "That I am fun and hip and cool and don't take myself too seriously."

Matt pipes in, "But you do take yourself too seriously."

Mark laughs and laughs and laughs.

Well then.

Yesterday did not happen at all like I planned. Imagine that. Sick hubby and two sick boys and a wild four year old who could only go out in short spurts. I did fall asleep on the couch and got a little nap. That counts for something, doesn't it? Hopefully this is just a cold and everyone will be better soon.


  1. Listen, y'all need to get it together and get everybody well!

    I can't wait to see your purple "statement" sunglasses!

  2. hope your men-folk get better soon! purple is definetly a statement in sunglasses...i say go for it! you'll always remember that time you wore those funky purple sunglasses right? :)

  3. I always buy cheap sunglasses too, because I always lose them, sit on them, or one of the kids gets a hold of them!

  4. Seattle-ites go through more pairs of sunglasses per capita than anywhere else....The reason, we have sunny days, but in between there are grey days, that's when the sunglasses get lost... So we have to buy more....

  5. Aw, hope your boys get better very soon!

    I don't buy sunglasses myself. I got the Transitions added to my bifocals. But my kids' sunglasses do tend to wander off and get broken by 3 year olds so I do know what you mean! ;)

  6. So sad to hear about the sickies... but still laughing over your "statement"!

  7. I understand the fun of statement sunglasses. I had the most awesome pair ever - the lenses themselves were sage green. SOO cool. But then they broke. And I've never been able to find another pair like them.

    I still mourn over the loss of that statement.

  8. Hey Mama Hen,

    You won our Pick and Draw Contest at www.TheCraftyClassroom.com/blog

    I emailed you but haven't heard back, so I thought I'd drop you a comment just in case!

    Can you email me and we'll work out the logistics :)


    Valerie (at) TheCraftyClassroom.com

  9. Gotcha, Looks like are emails are just not liking each other :)

    Hope your kiddos have fun with the game!



  10. Well, somebody has got to take us seriously. Might as well be us. LOL!