Monday, December 13, 2010

The Three R's

Today I am concentrating on The Three R's:

-REPAIR-the Christmas tree. James' greatest delight is to take the ornaments off and rearrange them to his liking. His liking is one little section he can reach well and the floor. Its pretty cute though.

-RESCUE-my children's bedrooms. They are being taken over by loads of loads of clothes that seem to be reproducing. Well, the children are going to rescue their rooms and I'll torment them by asking "Are you sure its clean? Cause I'm coming in there." everytime they come out.

-RESTORE-my sanity, by being able to walk through their rooms.

Also, normal Monday morning chaos clean-up, pear-cinnamon bread for Rebekah who is having a bake sale this weekend, a sick hubby and one child who is coming down with the cold, and tonight-ironing. I don't particularly like to iron, but I love to see all of Mark's work clothes hanging in the closet and not in the ironing basket.

And on top of all that-trying to stay warm. Has the world gone mad? We had snow flurries yesterday and the low last night was 16. The high today-32.

What's on your plate for this Monday?


  1. Last week of school until break woo-hoo!

    Your kids' laundry multiplies, too? hmmmmm

    14 degrees here at 8am with a high of a balmy 19 later.

  2. Our overnight low was 17 and we've had flurries all day yesterday, last night and it's still going on right now. Way to cold for this time of year...
    My plans are very similar to yours. Once my youngest gets home from school, we're going to tackle her room. It's a nightmare in there right now...

  3. We'll be doing a little laundry, room cleaning and tackling the basement today. The basement has long been neglected and needs a good organizing. And the furnace man is coming to see why the furnace is making funny noises. Good times!

  4. We will be spending the whole day in our pjs(may get dressed before daddy gets home so he doesn't know we have been in our pjs all day), baking some, sewing lots, finish decorating now that I have an extension cord and untangled lights and a little coffee sippin. Going to enjoy the day the best I can.

  5. I need to do two of those 3 R's.

  6. Are you sure it's clean? That's a line to add to my pre-recorded list to my children also--- 9 times out of 10, it's not clean!!

  7. I've been doing laundry (4 or 5 big loads!) and keeping a wood stove going!

    We did some school, too. Not enough just yet, just some here and there. I'm going to count a Nest video on Helen Keller as part of school for the younger ones, because we've been studying her. Need to tackle a few more school subjects, though, to "count" today.

    I also added Networked Blogs to my blog. I've added a few posts and am going to try to post a giveaway before evening. Hoping to post 3 giveaways this week. :)

  8. Hope you and the kids got all your chores done :)
    That pear cinnamon bread sounds amazing!