Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Need Always Hungry, Growing Boy Advice...

Did you know that 11 and 12 year old boys are always hungry? It doesn't matter that they may have just eaten a full meal. It doesn't matter that they have just eaten three apples in a row. They are always "on the prowl", "seeking what they may devour."

Tyler just told me a little while ago he was hungry. I was surprised because he had just eaten a ham sandwich, an apple, and a Hershey bar. I told him to go look in the fridge. He did, stood there with the door open for quite awhile, and announced, "There is nothing to eat in this house but condiments!!!!"

So, what do you all feed your ravenous young men who are growing at the speed of light? I need suggestions. I try to have apples and bananas here all the time, which they do eat quite a bit of. Sandwiches are also a staple.

So, how do you fill up your boys?


  1. My oldest guy is 9 and I get the "I'm hungries" from him all the time...(and the 7 year old too).

    I also try to have plenty of apples and bananas, but they can EAT SO MUCH!

    Peanuts (in the shell) are good but messy, they also take longer to eat with all the shelling so that buys me some time:)

    1. Im 14 and im hungry a lot, but greasy food fills me up easier than everything else. Maybe that will help lol.

  2. Long ago we established a schedule for snacks. The times that worked with our meals times are 10am and
    3pm. Recently I began making full breakfasts, {eggs, pancakes, bacon etc} that has worked for the morning, lunch they fix their own, my boys eat quite a bit more than their sisters, supper I make, but I'm having to make more of it... The schedule seems to reduce the "I'm hungry" cries, as they know when the next food time is coming.

  3. I'm convinced that boys that age need a little extra protein, fat and calories. Bonus points if you can get the fiber into them, because often they don't want much of that. The bananas and apples provide a good bit of that.

    I usually make big breakfasts. This morning my sweet hubby fried up a lb. of bacon and toasted a package of whole wheat English muffins. I scrambled a dozen eggs, and set out cheese slices. We assembled customized breakfast sandwiches (except for the child with braces). It's also pretty common for us to have boiled eggs, a breakfast meat and oatmeal or oat bars or oat scones. We eat lots of calories at breakfast.

    I do keep some things on hand for snacking:

    *hard-boiled eggs
    *cheese, sometimes sliced
    *yogurts (buy on BOGO sale and use a coupon to make the individual servings worth it)
    *homemade baked goods (oat scones, banana oatmeal bars, muffins, etc.)
    *fruit (apples and bananas always)
    *occasionally a veggie tray
    *sometimes when those frozen taquitos go on BOGO sale I'll buy them and they're quick and easy to microwave

    Hope this helps!

  4. My son eats in spurts, we aren't big breakfast when he eats, he eats a lot...then he grazes...granola bars, fruit, candy bars, chocolate milk...and the like! :D

  5. Sometimes we think we're hungry and we're really thirsty, so if we get the hungries right after eating, we'll have some milk or water. Then if we're still hungry we go for the snack. Of course this is not always true and I know boys that age do need a lot to eat, but maybe just sometimes having a drink will work. One can hope...

  6. barbeque a bull buffalo, a really big one. and keep 5 pound hunks of meat on sticks around that they can warm over a fire.

  7. We get the "I'm Hungries" around here a lot, too. Lots of fruit, lots of cheese and peanut butter on everything. We also have set snack times (10 and 3:30) and that keeps them from stalking me all day saying they are starving to death. I think I'm more amazed at how much my boy child can eat at breakfast and dinner. Sometime more than his daddy!

  8. We fed Sam a 16oz steak for breakfast and dinner with 4 hamburgers for a "snack" when he got home from school. This was during the period of time he grew 13 inches in about 7 months.

  9. My three month old boy is going through the same phase. He has taken up sucking on every surface he can find... my arm, my neck, my fingers...he's even successfully pulled down my shirt once.

    Of course, my solution of supplementing his ravenous appetite with formula doesn't help you with your problem...

  10. this is very timely. I have two boys who are hungry all the time! I schedule my snacks at 10:00, 2:00, and 7:00 p.m. They have to wait till then, or I would grow broke.

    I have been making homemade bread and jam. That has been our snack because it is cost effective. Especially since we grow our own berries.

  11. Fruit has gotten so expensive, that I only do that once a day.

    Sorry, I just wanted to add that!