Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Mommy-Files #259

For those of you who may be new to The Mommy-Files: here I list all the Mommy-questions that have perplexed me over the years. Much like the the X-files, these questions only lead to more questions about what it means to be a mommy and all that it entails. If you have any information that can help this Mommy find the answers please let me know!

1. Why, oh why, do I keep finding clean out of season clothes in my dirty laundry hampers?

I have talked to my own children in length about this, and I just cannot imagine that they would not pay attention to and/or deliberately disobey me... Do you think someone is coming in while we are gone and doing this? Could someone be messing with my mind?

2. I may have already asked this one, but I still don't have an answer. Why are there 9 toothbrushes on my sink, but only 6 people live in my house?

Where do all the toothbrushes come from? And if I have that many toothbrushes in my house why do we have to go to the dentist so much?

3. Does everyone else out there have an invisible child called, "I Don't Know?"

"I Don't Know" is very busy at my house. He/She does all kinds of things which make me shake my head in confusion. But every time I ask one of my VISIBLE children they reply, "I Don't Know." Could "I Don't Know" be the one drinking all the milk all the time? It is impossible for me to keep milk in this house and it must be him/her. My visible children wouldn't drink that much milk in one day, would they?

Can anyone out there help me? Do you have your own Mommy-File questions that need answers? Let's help each other ladies...being an agent on the Mommy-Files is risky work.


  1. When you find out - please let me know. About two months ago, there were swimsuits in the laundry. Swimsuits. As I know also that my child would never deliberately disobey or try to get out of work by just throwing things in the dirty clothes basket, perhaps the same person responsible for yours is responsible for mine.

    And I'm not sure about the toothbrushes, but did you know that Abbie diagnosed Schyler's hurting tooth the other night? And that she was sure she was dying when I tried to explain what was going on but when Abbie said the same thing it was completely believable? And she has been doing everything ABbie has told her to do pertaining to proper care of teeth and gums every night?
    For the love.

  2. Hmmmm.... it is very curious all those things going on at your house.

  3. I had half a summer outfit appear in the dirty laundry this week. Hmmm, I don't recall anyone wearing this, and it is between the sizes of daughter #2 and daughter #3. Hmmm.

    Oh, and then there are the toys which appear in the laundry. I don't think Buzz Lightyear/Lightning McQueen, this duplo block needs a bath today, kids. And kitchen implements like spoons and spatulas. Why?

  4. If the toothbrushes get too close together, they multiply. Sort of like wire coathangers. You must separate them.

  5. We are having problems with to many toothbrushes also. George found 10 or 11 in the bathroom and there are only 6 of us in the house.. When you figure out where they are coming from let me know. :-)

  6. Have you looked in the attic? Their might be three little extra children, that would explain the toothbrushes, who migrated from the north pole, that would explain their desire to wear out of season clothing, so much warmer here...AND it could possibly be the three "I don't knows" who spring up at my house from time to time! :D