Sunday, March 13, 2011

Motherhood 101: Sibing Arguments Edition

Here are some mommy reminders on handling sibling arguments (not that I would know anything about that, ahem...):

1. Sometimes it is best NOT to know all the details.

2. Sometimes, by the time you figure out "who started it" the kids will have forgotten what "it" was all about.

3. Sometimes it is best NOT to know why "it" was started in the first place.

4. All children have an alter-ego called "Not Me."

5. In the end, sometimes the best thing to do is to banish them all to their rooms or separate areas of the house. And the best way to finish "it" is with a bowl of chocolate ice cream with fudgy chunks of brownie in it. (For the mom, of course)

***And Happy Birthday to my Daddy too!


  1. yep, they do this even when they are not biologically related!
    And then there's the "what about me?" boy!

  2. I especially like #5:)

    The ONLY really important one on this list;)

  3. mmm... you make me appreciate my not-yet-talking newborn more. Thanks!

  4. Now see there. Mom having chocolate solves everything. I knew it! It always works here. LOL.