Friday, March 11, 2011


(picture not related, just think he is really cute)

Yesterday as we were riding home from Bible Study and violin lessons Matt asked me these question:

"Mom, do you know why ladies and girls are always late?"

"No, why?" I replied.

"Because they are always putting on makeup, fixing their hair, and trying to get matching clothes and stuff."

I looked at him to see if he was serious and yes, he was.

I guess its good to be Matt and not have to be encumbered with the thought of matching clothes and stuff.


  1. He is definately one-of-a-kind!

  2. Love all your photos from yesterday's post - and I have to admit...that puttin' together an entire matching outfit every morning definitely steals my time...and totally gets old! Isn't there an age where you go back to not really caring anymore??

  3. If I hadn't been there I would swear Schyler and Matthew were separated at birth. I know not matching is pretty much a boy thing, but when it comes down to getting to the fun and matching - fun wins with her every time.

  4. Ah, if only I could operate like that. I remember one morning when gettting all my then-little boys ready to go somewhere, the oldest, Daniel, came running downstairs at breakneck speed. MAMA! MAMA! I was alarmed and thought something terrible had happened. "What?" I said. Daniel said in disbelief, "John's wearing matching socks."

    I guess it was the only time in John's life he had on matching socks. John cares not if his socks match. What a way to live.

  5. He IS really cute, whether he matches or not!!!

  6. Your kids do say some funny things, don't they? He does look good in his scout uniform, though. :) And I'll bet he didn't even have to think about putting it together so it would match, did he? :)