Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have soooo enjoyed being home the past few days. Everything is canceled because of Spring Break so we have been home sweet home lots more than usual. We have gotten lots of school done and I am caught up on laundry. Now, that doesn't mean I am completely done with the laundry. It just means I am not hopelessly behind. And that's good enough for me.

After school today we did venture out buy groceries. We made it to the Feed Store, Publix, and Aldi, in one hour and 30 minutes. Now I am tired with a Capital T, but we don't have to do that again for two weeks.

I am loving the warmer weather. Mark is getting our strawberry bed ready and we hope to plant this weekend. He has also planted an apple, cherry, and plum tree. I CANNOT wait to make some plum jelly. My favorite! Along with the pear and peach trees we have I hope to be able to eat fresh fruit all summer and freeze a lot for the fall and winter. Its fun to plan now, when it all seems so far away. By August, I will probably not want to see another pear ever again. But, I really do love having all that in the freezer.

Our Foster-Care classes are going well. We have three more and then we will do another Home Study. This will be number three. Can you say exhausting? But, I've done it twice so I know it won't kill me to do it again.

I did not receive any curriculum catalogs in the mail yesterday. Boo-Hiss. I love me sitting on my swing and looking through them. Such hope for our next school year! Everything seems so doable! And clean and shiny and new! No math books covered in grape jelly. No pencils with all the erasers bit off. (James had a little problem with that for awhile). No language workbooks with their names written largely across the front with little monsters drawn all over it. Don't they know they are supposed to write their names neatly across the upper-right hand corner of the book? How could they not know that or do that? WWWWhhhhyyyyyy?

Oh well, maybe I will give them another chance next year to do the right thing. Or I might just make them tell me the answers and I will write it neatly for them in their workbooks. Do you think that would be too much?


  1. My 12 year old son's Bible study folder is decorated with some weird Lego Bionicles character inscribed all over the front. And back. And inside. I have no idea what character it is. I feel your pain.

  2. I know what you mean about the curriculum catalogs! It is so much more fun for me to plan next year's school than to finish this year's. And I love the promise of doing it better next year!

    I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Had fun with you tonight and jealous of you getting to be home!

  4. Oh the promise of doing and planting and harvesting! Like you, I love to plan. By the end of a season, be it school or garden or whatever, I'm over it! Have fun getting your garden together!!

  5. what special things does your hubby do to prepare the strawberry beds?