Friday, March 25, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

Today I am linking up with The Homeschool Chick. Hope you can hop on over and see all the other entries also!

In my life this week..

Lots of busy. We had our Science and Civics Co-op this past Tuesday. It is a long drive for me, but well worth it. (But I am glad it is only once a month though!) And then yesterday we had Community Bible Study and violen lessons. Last night was our Foster Care Class. Thursdays are our long days around here.

In our homeschool this week...

Along with the co-op and Bible Study class, we had our normal schoolwork here at home. We are studying DaVinci right now and this afternoon we are doing a messy art project. The kids are excited, me, not so much.

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

See Above! Next week should be more of a stay at home week though. We are having such lovely weather and I would love to schedule a zoo trip in soon. My four year old has only been to the zoo once (and we live so close to a great one), and that was when he was very little. I know he will have a blast (and the rest of us will also!)

My favorite thing this week...

Sitting in my swing and watching the kids play and jump on the trampoline. As I said, the weather has been perfect, and I have enjoyed sitting out in the afternoons and pursuing all the homeschool catalogs that are rolling in.

What's working/not working...

I absolutely love our History curriculum-Veritas Press and Story of the World combo. It fits our schooling style well.

Not working...our lack of a spelling program. Two out three of my big kids are terrible spellers. Help?

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

Just dreaming and planning about next year. I love clean slates and blank new planners. So fun!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

"Just do the next thing"-Elisabeth Elliot
"And if the next thing involves warm brownies with vanilla ice cream, then even better!"-MamaHen


  1. I love the thought of starting a new school year, too! It's so refreshing. We have been picking our curriculum here, but this is also one of my ongoing things. I love homeschool. Visiting from THMJ.

  2. We do lots of copywork and so far that seems to really be doing the job.
    Next year, we're doing Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte Mason. I've heard excellent reviews.

  3. We use which is free and I love that. For my 6YO I create her lists from the "No Excuse Words" list; you can google it. For my 9YO I use misspelled words from her own writing. The girls then play various games with the words from their lists and every month or so I have them do the test. If they get 8/10 correct I carry over the 2 misspelled words and then add 8 news words and make a new list for playing. We've been doing it for 3 months so far and really love it.

  4. Do you think Mamahensmama could go to the zoo with you?

  5. Hi from the HMJ!

    DH & I are licensed foster parents.

    Spelling Power is the spelling we have started using this year. Although, my dedication to it is not great, we enjoy it when we do it. Even better, it covers grades 2-adult!

  6. We have liked Rod and Staff spelling books. Even my poor speller has done well with it.

    I LOVE your quote...mmmmm...:-)

  7. LOVE the quote...both of them:) Think those are worth printing and keeping!!

  8. New follower from Homeschool Mother's JOurnal.

    We just started All About Spelling and the kids are enjoying it so far. We also have used All About Spelling is very phonics based and layed out for you.

    IF you get a chance, visit our


  9. Did someone mention brownies? I'm so there! For spelling, there are so many little interactive games online, you could play board games, just to make spelling fun without lists and tests. Then maybe after they find it more fun you can introduce more written ways. We've done spelling races (whoever can write it fastest on their wipeoff board), made our spelling words be ones kids picked out in their favorite books, etc... It can be done and it can be fun. We're kind of spelling nerds around here. lol

  10. P.S. Do you have a blog button? I'd love to trade with you...

  11. AHHHH warm brownies and vanilla ice cream. Yum. And I also concur with your assessment of Veritas Press and Story of the World, a good combination.

    Spelling is difficult. Most of my eight can spell quite well because they've read a lot and have a good visual memory. My youngest is the exception. She can't spell at all. And whatever spelling words she memorizes are forgotten by the next week. I hope you find something better than I have been able to find so far.

  12. If you want a zoo buddy, let me know when=).
    We made brownies to have with strawberries and cool whip after DH left for night shift last night--shhhhh-he's on a diet, I am supposed to be too.